I originally built this machine as my first computer to play some PC games on as I am a League of Legends fan but play most games on console. Over time it has held up well but the CPU seems to be holding back the performance of CPU heavy games. I recently (09/11/16) overclocked my CPU a bit from it's original base clock speed (4.2GHz) to 4.5GHz with little issue and that seems to have helped a bit. I have also, since the original building of the PC, bought the Windowed Side Panel for the case along with some of NZXT's Green LEDs. Sorry this description sucks, I'm terrible at writing things lol.

Part Reviews


Overall this CPU is awesome, it runs lighter games pretty decently for it's price point and even provides a pretty decent overclock. However nowadays it can not handle some AAA titles and can bottleneck your PC. If you want an FX series CPU I recommend at least the 6300 or the 8350/70 (gotta get that Wraith cooler fam ;) )


Great motherboard that's full of features that you may need. Never had many problems with it. Only grievances with it are that the first 2 SATA ports are impossible to use with SLI and that there aren't more than 2 USB 3.0s (and yes I know they're 3.1s).


Great RAM. No problems with it what-so-ever.


The BLACK series is great. Definitely better than the Blues.

Video Card

Great Graphics Card that puts out a pretty good clock speed. Usually it normally goes over the advertised Boost Clock!


I really do like this case but I have a problem with the cooling. Cooling is odd the way the fans are placed. The case includes two smaller intake fans near the drive cages, one big exhaust on the top and an exhaust on the rear. I bought an intake for the front, which get's interrupted by the drive cages. I also have a 200mm for the side panel (PSA: If you're looking for the right fan for that spot check it out in my Build on my profile, there's a specific one you need). Air flow just doesn't seem to work right in this case. This case is quite outdated, I hope NZXT improves it in a future iteration.

Wireless Network Adapter

Pretty good Wi-Fi card, especially for its price. The included software isn't really necessary. Definitely worth bumping up to Wireless AC though, especially if your router supports it.

Case Fan

Performs fine. But REALLY loud when turned up in speed, don't buy this unless you need to. (I had to because it's the only 200mm fan that fits in the NZXT Original Phantom)


Fantastic monitor. 144hz is the real way to go and this monitor does it great and more. The screen looks awesome and the settings that you can change are many but not too complicating. The S-Switch is your best friend, trust me. With the 2 HDMI ports you could even plug a console or two into it. The handle on the back is great for traveling with it. The headphone holder on the side is very convenient. The USB 3.0 ports, headphone, and microphone jack are quite convenient. I'm terrible at writing so I'll stop now but you should definitely buy this, worth the price.

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