My plans are to use this build for everyday use with emphasis on gaming and my school work.

Started buying parts the week of Thanksgiving, specifically the 26th and 27th. Was able to get great deals(and 5 free games) especially on my CPU and Motherboard. Ironically the night before I purchased these I had decided on the FX 8350 due to the price and minimal performance gain that represented the differences between the two, but the combo I got made it worth it for me to go Intel.

Part of me thinks I got lucky as all my parts worked as advertised and after I got past my hesitance when making connections, it went well.

As for the EATX motherboard in an ATX case, I simply removed the cable grommets and used them to prevent the case and motherboard touching each other(Ed from Tech Source on Youtube was where I got this idea). Unfortunately, this prevented me from being able to use the I/O shield cover, and made a couple connections difficult but all in all everything works and to me looks pretty good. Overall, the case is awesome, comes with 4 fans, and stays very quiet in my opinion.

I have so far played CS GO and Just Cause 3, and both run great. My issue right now is my internet. I was short sighted and failed to get a wireless adapter, and to compound on that the house where I just moved to they do not use a router, instead having a wireless network running through just a modem. So I am looking to also purchase a router to improve the internet connection. This is the wireless adapter I am currently leaning towards

Any comments, suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated!

ETA: Thanks to not only this site but builders on this site that gave me much of the info. needed to make this my reality. I will never buy a premade desktop again, nor recommend one. So many thanks to the people who created this site.

Part Reviews


Fast compared to what I am used to. Not enough experience with it or other comparable processors to say much else

CPU Cooler

Has kept my computer between the low 30's and 40's so I could not be happier.


Good quality, and easy to use BIOS. My only two qualms come from the single USB 2.0 connector and that it is an older model so I would not recommend it to builders of present day systems. However, I look forward to EVGA's continued presence in the motherboard market and am happy with my purchase. Their 24 hour tech support line was an added plus.


Got 16GBs for a good price, have not tried overclocking yet however.


Lightning fast, power button to windows login < 5 seconds.

Video Card

The main reason for choosing this one over others is the aesthetics, and I was not disappointed. Performance seems on point, with Just Cause 3 being butter smooth. No coil whine and good temperatures so far


Great case with plenty of room for being a Mid Tower. Comes with 4 fans which run pretty damn quiet. Leaving it at four stars due to it lacking 5.25 external drive bays, and is my only regret in regards to my build.

Power Supply

Fully modular and have not heard a sound from it. No complaints.

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  • 49 months ago
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I wouldn't call this a school computer lol oh and a beast pc bro !

  • 38 months ago
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There's Hope! I was just looking into this case but wasn't sure if my board (EVGA Z97 Classified) fit. I see you made it work. Anything I should be wary of? Aside from covering the grommets that is.

(I realize this is old but worth a shot)

  • 37 months ago
  • 2 points

No, its really not too bad at all. I would review the link to the video I put in my build if you do run into any hiccups. Good luck!

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