I had a fixed budget so I had to do compromise.

The all AMD is for the freesync/radeon combo who is 300$ less than nvidia g-sync and the ryzen+ best perf/price

Motherboard : is a little overpriced but I wanted a decent audio chip and asus reliability.

The graphic card will be more than enough for now and will be replaced by navi or other amd future product (freesync). Vega 64 was more than the double and for my budget it was vega 64 with old 1080p@60hz monitor OR rx580 with the Acer 1440p 144hz. My old monitor would have been a bottleneck for the vega anyway.

RAM : I choosed this memory for the speed and it was in the compatible list from asus (not a lot in the 3200mhz range)(don't want any trouble with compatibility), price still inflated...

Power supply is a bit overpowered but it's gold rated, modular and futur proof.

Case is nice and easy to work with.

1tb ssd, I'm coming from a 240gb, needed more for obvious reasons ;) 4tb is for archives/backup/multimedia

External dvd drive/writer, for you know, old stuff. Will not be used a lot anyway, steam is faster!

My old setup was from fall 2009 (I7-920), only surviving component will be my keyboard/mouse, audio system (custom 5.1) and monitor for dual, maybe triple setup.

I will post pic later.

I build it with my 6 yo son, so it takes more time!

Sorry for my bad english.

Part Reviews


Great looking, great quality.

Must do : Upgrade BIOS, I was on the 2222 and got a blue screen and lost speaker sound all the time, weak rear speaker, etc.

With 4008 everything is fine now.


Nice RGB, Aura compatible, no problem at 3200mhz with my Ryzen.


Fast, great price/gb


Quiet, fast enough for multimedia drive, excellent $/gb.


Nice case, enough space, quiet stock fan, great cable management

Power Supply

850W, gold, the Semi-Modular is not a problem since the only non-modular cable are for the main board and cpu cable, everything else is modular.

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  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey could you upload a picture with the tempered glass on? I am building something very similar to yours and would like to see :)

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Good day

I was wondering how is the temp with the stock cooler going and did you managed to overclock with it?

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Very clean and well done! May i ask what your thermals are like? How hot does the cpu / gpu get when gaming? I know i can read reviews online but id rather ask someone :P