Son's gaming machine. Been running Fortnite, Monster Hunter, CS:GO, Minecraft and Elder Scrolls. Lots of fun selecting the parts, finding deals and putting this rig together. Took about 3 months going from zero to all the parts on site ready to assemble. The actual assembly took only a few hours.

The build went smooth except for the OS not initially installing. The USB the OS came on did not work. Downloaded a fresh copy on a different USB and it installed no problem. Compared to the budget office laptops we have been using for the past 10 years this thing is a beast.

There is a seemingly endless amount of options in the BIOS to adjust performance. Still learning about the various benchmarks and stress testing. Have not done any memory stability testing yet. Pretty sure we are going to end up needing a second build. Photos added.

Added updated Cinebench R15 scores.
OpenGL 129.12 fps CPU 1913 cb

Add comments or critiques.

Part Reviews


So far so good. Like how it operates going from idle 2.2 to full boost 4.35 on stock cooler. Ryzen Master software suits it well and has nice real time charting function.

Specific to setting this up on the ASUS CH_VII Hero WIFI: The Wraith Prisim cooler uses a USB cable to connect to the MB and CoolerMaster SW controlling the RGB. The USB cable has the wiring to the top half of the MB connector; the only USB I had available on the MB has the bottom half of the connector pins active. (The other MB USB was used by the Corsair Node.) To get the CM SW to recognize the RGB with the provided cable I needed to move the USB wires to the bottom half of the connector. Easy fix- CoolerMaster SW controlling the Wraith Prisim RGB works like a champ now. No additional USB hub was needed.


Nice board. The BIOS options are easy to navigate and use. Lots of default settings and manual options. Very modest amount of RBG. Our GPU, top and back fans cover most of the RGB up.


It works. It (CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16) will accept many of the default settings available in the ASUS CH_VII BIOS. I have run it on most all of the stilts default safe and fast settings from 3466 to 3200. Have not stability tested them yet. They run and make it thru games and benchmarks. The higher settings do return higher benchmark scores. If prices came down another 30% would look at higher speed rated sticks; these seem a good value at current prices.


My 1st computer was an apple II e with a 5-1/4 floppy disk drive. Having 1TB the size of a stick of gum mounted directly on the motherboard with no cables is amazing. Computer seems to boot up in a few seconds; same with shut down. This is a major time saver when going in and out of the BIOS adjusting settings and restarting. Would like to add an additional 2TB 970 or 860 for backups and additional storage.

Video Card

This Zotac 1070ti Amp Extreme card looks great in the case. Runs all the games so far. On lowest fan setting the middle fan ticks a little. Bump the speed up to 40-50% and the tick goes away. Fans still quiet at 40-50%. Initially; the card sagged- added a support under it. No problems now.


Great case. Not too big or too small. Never noticed it while searching online for cases. Stumbled across it on sale at a local Fry's and chunked it in the cart. After building in it I have zero regrets. I would buy another one for a similar size build.

Power Supply

Originally bought the G2 650; didn't like the cables it came with. I purchased it before the GPU and MB. Later swapped it out for this G3 750 which has a much nicer cable assortment matching the GPU and MB connectors better. It is likely overkill for the current system.

Operating System

Not sure why I wanted the full version over the OEM or super cheap $15 versions. Bit the bullet and paid up. Wish the USB worked right out of the box; the files on it were dated like January 2017. Not sure if it was the old version that kept it from installing or what. Anyways it was no problem to download fresh and just use the keys from the box (picked it up in the mall at the Microsoft store).

Case Fan

Best thing about these fans is the RGB sync with the keyboard and mouse. It works pretty good and is easy to setup. Worst thing about these fans is the RGB Ring is only on one side and not as visible from the back of the fan. Got a fairly good deal on them so was OK with it. Airflow seems OK; could always be more. They are pretty quiet with a low pitched hum at full speed.


Monitor looks great. Have not fully tried out the G-Sync stuff yet. No complaints so far. Picture is better than I can see; have not adjusted anything on it. Used it straight out of the box so far.


This keyboard is small. Heavy and small. I personally like a full sized keyboard like the K95. However; the K65 fits the workspace better and is liked by it's main user. Suggest trying them out in person before ordering online.


Cool Mouse. Works good. Has an RGB light on it; syncs with the keyboard and case fans. Cool...


Cool headset. Works good. Has an RGB light on it. Sound really good. Cool... (no batteries ++ or chargers ++)

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  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

This is pretty much my dream build. +1

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Very nice. Everywhere I read about this case it says no top radiators. But according to what I see on your build.. how the top fans are spaced away from the motherboard it looks like a AIO would fit what do you think?

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

I've never installed one before. There does appear to be some space. It would likely overlap the top of the mother board. The distance from the bottom of the top mesh to the center of the 1st MB standoff is about 1-3/8 in. With it being offset to the front side of the case it might work depending on the height of your MB heat sinks and top connectors.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for replying I might just build in the Evolv x this round that or the Panzer s