[July 29, 2019 - Version 1.0 (Beta) ]

Unicoriza is one of my very first Desktop PC build I have ever made.

But how did it came to be in the first place you might ask?

Well, sit down on your comfy race car gaming chair with those RGB lights of yours because this is the tale of how the Unicoriza Project came to be.

Once upon a time in the not-so magical land of New Jersey, I was surfing on the internet when I stumbled around Linus Tech Tips videos about an RGB PC Build and I when I watched it I was interested. I've been gaming on my HP Pavilion 15 Notebook Laptop for over 6 long years which was bad as well as my PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. I had a limited amount of games on both my PS3 and PS4 but with my PS4 being a launch PS4 with 500gb. The only games he played on mostly were LittleBigPlanet 1, 2 & 3. These two were all this I had, plus a PS Vita but that was in the sidelines. Months later, when I graduated from High School and moved to an new apartment, my first idea is to find a job and first job I got, the movie theatres was the first job I got... for 6 month before getting sacked for screwing up a easy job and being lazy. No big worries there because during the time, I have gotten myself an PNY CS900 240GB SSD and Thermal Paste. oh.

Minor setback on that, So, I had to get an secondary job for me to cover. And I did, with the next job being a retail job that wasn't GameStop which originally I was applying for only later on to get denied. I think I dodged a bullet on that one but rather a job at Hive Bunklo (Fake name I know but it here to keep my workplace location safe here as I'm still currently working in as of me writing this.), a discounted store and was heavily understaffed to the core. I won't go into detail on my experience with this store although I might talk about it elsewhere in the future but basically, it was a mess and it still is as I'm currently still working at the place but it had some benefits where I made some great friends there, the employee discounts are great and the fact that there was a Best Buy right next door to me. In which I go there every so often on my break, but one day, I was thinking and even talking to myself about me building a PC. I thought of it at first but when I watch a couple more videos on YouTube about PC Building, I realized that maybe sticking around the console side may not be all that's cracked up to be at all. So I caved and decided to build my very own PC.

Now with the help of this wonder website, I had to budget myself to a maximum of $1500. I had to choose which processor I went with and I chose AMD seeing how they're more cheaper and my very own laptop had a AMD processor in (it was the more older and more slow version of the CPU). Over the last couple of months working at Hive Bunklo, I've saved just about enough money to buy out a half of the parts I needed for this build. I originally wanted grab a Ryzen 2600 in store since Best Buy was selling them but on my day of my payday, it sold out. Then I originally wanted a Ryzen 2700x but the announcement for 3000 series came out and they were sold out when I wanted to buy them as a tempermary cpu. So I bought a Ryzen 2600 just as a tempermary cpu until the Ryzen 3600x goes on sale. Most of the parts, such as the Case, CPU, HDD, and Monitor I wanted were never sold at Best Buy in which I had to buy them from directly from Amazon or NewEgg. I also wanted a GTX 1660ti but I lated went with a RTX 2060 instead because I heard a lot of good feedback and praises about it on Amazon. Plus, it was great for future proofing. (Thanks TechDeals!)

Building Unicoriza wasn't that bad at all as I thought, it was very easy for the most part. I'm glad I didn't break anything while I was building at the time. I was careful about it.

This build is still being worked on as of this moment with a some expanded storages and fans to come as well as the Ryzen 3600x upgrade I mentioned coming later on this year. The Unicoriza build is considered to be a first PC I have ever build but will not be the end of my building nonsense. With this PC, I'm most likely going to be using this PC for Gaming, Video Editing, Digital Artwork, and Game Development.

Note: Most of these part were bought at Best Buy (Case, CPU, and the Monitor were bought at Amazon.)

[Codename: Honey Star]

This build started back in May 2014 and ended on July 29th, 2019. Version 2.0 is coming later onwards in 2019.

Part Reviews


Good Temporary CPU, Works likes a charm for the most part!


Works great and are just amazing to own! I had a bit of trouble installing them at first but I later on found myself relaxed about it and installed it correctly. I had to docked a star off because this motherboard didn't support addressable RGB which sucks completely. I'm fine without it but still, I wished they added it in.


Great ram, no problem here.


It does the job, not to big of an SSD but I use it for its apps and small games I have currently.


May not be the fastest but is great for general storage.

Video Card

I was on the fence with the RTX 2060. Between RTX 2060 and the GTX 1660ti, I was weighing in my options but after watching Tech Deals' video about both cards and the performance and future-proofing between both of them. I went with the RTX 2060, I think I made the right choice.


I loved this case, This case is perfect case to build in. Although, it only comes with one fan which I plan to swap out later.

Power Supply

Originally, I went with an EVGA 600w White 80+ PSU, but after the PSU died on me. I went with Corsair's CXM 650w instead, it's alright by any standards and it great for budget builders out there.


For $179.99, it's honestly a great monitor and gaming on 144hz is amazing seeing it for the first time. However, what kills it for me is the monitor speakers, it's bad. Personally, I would grab some speakers or headphones if I were you.


Great keyboard that does the job. I had to dock a star only because of the fact that you've to be online in order to get that good RGB.


Amazing mouse that does the job really well then my last mouse I had been using on my Laptop which stuttered and ate up more battery to last an single month.


Works great as replacement for the monitor speakers and is absolutely better than the Dell D2719 speakers. For 22 bucks, this is a must!

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  • 8 months ago
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Damn. Started at 2014. Glad you finished it! Can't wait to see the 2.0 one!

  • 8 months ago
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