This was an upgrade of an old prebuilt I had (AMD A8 7650k, ASUS A88XM-E, 2x4gb DDR3 1600MHz, 500W 80+ Bronze PSU), though almost all of the parts were freshly purchased. I carried over my Graphics card from last christmas in addition to my storage. Tried to do everything in a Black/White colour scheme, and somewhat succeeded, though I do which there were more white accents in the build.

Part breakdown

Ryzen 5 1600X 3.9GHz @ 1.395V

I had a bit of extra money, so I decided that I could upgrade from the Ryzen 3 2200G, however I didnt realise I needed an aftermarket cooler, I bought this for less than a 2600, with comparable performance. Haven't tried to OC past 3.9, because I don't need it. Not sure if I needed the extra 0.2V vs stock, but i suppose it helps stability.

AMD Wraith Max

After I realised I needed a cooler, I used this website to filter my search to coolers that I could pick up for cheap on. And I saw this cooler, I knew it'd have good performance and look good, so I picked it up whilst it was cheap.

ASRock B450 Pro4

I was eyeing up this motherboard for a while. Managed to snag it for a bit cheaper on Black Friday, B450, ATX, looks white-ish in pictures. Unfortunately the colour accent isnt as bright in person. UEFI/BIOS is easy to navigate and use.

Corsair Vengeance LPX White

Had the colours I wanted and was one of the cheaper 16GB kits of RAM, enabled XMP, it ran at it's rated speeds and I even got to overclock it to 3200MHz pretty easily


It's what I had ready

ASUS Phoenix GTX 1060 3GB

It was not too much more expensive than a 1050Ti, and quite cheap compared to other 1060s at the time.

Phanteks P350X

Beautiful LEDs that can be white in colour, a nice white interior and a vertical channel for cable management, but due to the length of the case cable management was a little awkward.

TP-Link WN823N USB WiFi Adapter

The Wifi card in my old case was PCI, so it couldnt fit into the PCI-E slots on the motherboard. I checked on amazon and found this, a small compact USB WiFi Adapter that looks sleek.

Arctic F12 PWM PST - 5 Pack

Black and white, so fit in with my build. Also offered the most fans for the cheapest price.

There were a couple of issues with various parts, but I managed to resolve most of them. Unfortunately some problems were just too awkward to resolve


Motherboard doesnt go all the way into the IO shield

This was the result of trying to install the Cooler after the motherboard. Seeing as the cooler was a pain in the *** to install, I decided I could live with the issue.

Cable management

The case is a little long, so the cables seemed a little short. I was also clueless on how to route some cables, but I managed to clean it up a bit with zipties.

CPU Cooler installation

Bigger pain than being burnt alive to install it. Unlike Ray Tracing, it didnt just work. It took a lot of fidgeting about and quite a while to get it mounted.

HDD Installation

Funnily enough, my HDD would end up backwards in the hard drive bay, so i had to leave it loose in the power supply basement.

WiFi Adapter driver

I couldnt install drivers online because, no internet, and I couldnt use the driver disk either, so i had to get the Driver files onto a USB and bring it over, then install the drivers.

GPU Cable

Was a bit awkward to route, seeing as the cutouts are a little far. Original cables pulled the GPU Down, so i had to re-route it. It doesnt look as good, but it should be better on my GPU.

GPU Became a bit loose

This was a bit of a pain to resolve, I couldnt undo the PCI-E Slot latch with my thumbs/fingers, and I ended up with 3 cuts (2 on thumb, 1 on index). Managed to undo the latch with a screwdriver then got to re-adjust the CPU.

RGB on the CPU Cooler/Front of the case

Unfortunately I believe I damaged the pins, so I do not get LEDS around the fan or at the front of the case. It's not really an issue, I don't see the front of the case and the AMD logo being illuminated is enough. I also can't seem to change the LED bordering the PSU shroud, but it's white so that's fine.

Lost thumbscrews

it happens sometimes, lost one for a PCI-E slot and another for the tempered glass side panel.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Quiet and has LED lighting. Looks decent. Cools well. Absolute pain to install, but doesnt need a screwdriver.


Looks good and is cheaper than other white ram such as G.Skill Trident Z. Once XMP was enabled the memory went to its rated speed and I even OC'd it a bit.


Looks beautiful, but seems much better for E-ATX motherboards as the case is pretty long, makes cable management/routing harder. Would be easier with extensions.

Power Supply

Silent, cool, supplies all the power needed. Images were misleading, I bought different cable. Still around the same price as buying the cheapest 750W 80+Gold PSU and cable extensions, so not too bad.

Wireless Network Adapter

Provides a good connection, looks minimal.

Drivers are hard to install if you don't have a DVD drive or an ethernet cable, otherwise you need to install the driver installation tool onto a USB from a different PC. Also has a little green flashing light that somewhat takes away from its sleek look.

Case Fan

Quiet, Black and white, pull all the air I need. Can be connected in parallel and offer great value for money/money per fan. Can use the remaining fans for other's PCs.

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Nice budget build. Maybe add some RGB strips they only cost about 11 GBP