I use my machine for 3D Modeling, digital sculpting, rendering and video production. It is also used for my 3d printing business. Prepping hollowing, inspection, supports, and slicing. Really impressed at how fast the hollowing times are on my high poly models. Wonderful build.

Used for Zbrush, Maya 2018,V-ray, Meshmixer, Blender, Substance Painter, Chitubox, B9 Creator, Marvelous Designer, Rhino, Gimp,, RawTherapee, Netfab 2019,

Investing in the 32 GB of trident ddr4 memory is allowing me to multi task while running complex tasks in multilple 3d modeling programs. I couldn't do this on my previous 6 core machine.

Investing in this 16 core threadripper cpu on black friday was a huge steal. It overclocks or turbo's up to 3.9 ghz when it's needed making the system work butter smooth.

Only thing I wished I invested more in is the video card. 1060 gtx is a decent card but I'm on the fence about switching to gpu rendering in the future. I'm an oldschool cpu rendering for the most part but new features in blender and Vray allow for hybrid cpu and gpu rendering at the same time. Exciting times we live in these days.

For the Crystals. I spent way to many hours on ebay researching and which crystals would go with the negative space in the that fits with breathing room just before the tempered glass window. I purchased: Blue / Purple stepped Flourite Crystal Blue Apatite LOT of 1/4 Pound Wholesale Crystals Bulk Mineral Specimens Bulk Wholesale 2lb Lot 3-5" Selenite Crystal Stick Wand Blades Electric Blue CHALCANTHITE on Matrix from POLAND

I plan on purchasing Aura rgb capable silent fans from cool master or static rgb fractal design fans for this case. Along with another magnetic strip of aura led with some sanded acrylic to diffuse it so much you don't see the strip itself.

I use a wacom cintiq 22 inch hd as my main monitor for my digital sculpting and photo/video editing. Wacom has excellent color calibration compared to off brand pen displays. I'm still using an ancient acer 23" x239h to view my reference images. I plan to upgrade replace that to a 32 inch 4k monitor on a heavy duty stand so it can swivel an pivot above my Cintiq for ultimate reference viewing to make some art.

Hope you like my build. There was some difficulties along the way. One major one being the first motherboard purchased (same exact model) was defective, it would only give me a loading up to the number 7. I returned and got it replaced for the same model and the new one worked perfectly. I know it's a budget motherboard.

Everything else was relativly easy to put together. The fan is huge and makes it difficult to put the ram in. The case just barely fits this AETX Motherboard so make sure you have steady hands.

I love my build and I highly recommend it to any zbrush sculptors or 3d modelers out there in 2019. Cheers

Part Reviews


Very Fast and excellent at multitasking

CPU Cooler

keeps it cool to a degree, my cpu runs on the warm side anyway


I'd prefer more 3.1 ports and more spacing for the ram, It's decent for the price range


Love this ram, Performs so smooth and fast while having multiple programs running. The rgb and design of the shroud is gorgeous.


Works well and has a long warranty, using this in raid as two of these total.

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  • 13 months ago
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How did you make the RGB stones?

  • 13 months ago
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They're real crystals I bought off of ebay, selenite crystals, flourite crystals and some blue apatite rocks. I put a aura sync magnetic led strip below them to illuminate it from the bottom.

Some of the selenite crystals I super glued together to create clusters.

  • 13 months ago
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  • 13 months ago
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If you gonna drop $4K+ on a rig, might as well throw in few hundred more $ on a high performance GPU.

  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

He did devote a paragraph to that and his reasoning.

  • 12 months ago
  • -3 points

doesn't matter. a 1060 has no place in a $4k build there's no excuse

  • 12 months ago
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He's doing very specific tasks and he's getting what he needs. He doesn't know what specs he wants in the long run, according to his description, because he may change his techniques. He's not publishing a build for a general purpose, but a very specific need. And he spent a paragraph talking about this. I'm not convinced you read it.

A while back I built a great gaming machine for $999 and I put a $60 graphics card in it. The card was actually worth about $200, but was on store special to get rid of it. The goal of the build was to stay under $1,000 for the first round and then put in good graphics later, after watching the market for a year. That insanely cheap part still gave great performance, allowed me to stay under the target price, spend more on other parts and achieve the goal. A year later I put a $600 card in it. Like a brand new machine. That was the plan all along.

I found his build sort of by chance. I read his review on the TR processor and saw he was doing things that might mean he can solve a problem for me.

You might be able to help me if you look at my forum posts. One is in a completely wrong place and the update of it seems to be in the correct place. I have a lot of unanswered questions.

I looked at your build and for all I know, it could be close, too. But for what I'm doing, I don't want to spend anything on graphics. I'm still wondering if an Intel chip is better for me, because I don't have to buy a graphics card at all for those, and my local Microcenter puts them on sale most of the time.

I'm especially looking for software recommendations.

  • 8 days ago
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The above is the dumbest post on PCPartPicker.