This is my first gaming pc that I bought from Ibuypower. Originally, my graphics card was a gtx 590 which 3 years later in 2014 I replaced with a gtx 980. I just recently put together another PC (check out my first build) so I've been looking to sell this one but I don't have any idea what I can ask for it considering most of the parts were bought in 2011 except the current video card. This PC can still run recent games at high to ultra settings at 1080p. Far cry 5 and far cry new dawn run smoothly when using windows 7. Not sure how this PC would handle windows 10.

Part Reviews


Still running. It's served me well although I never OC'D it due to motherboard limitations.

CPU Cooler

Still running. Runs quiet and keeps the cpu cooler than the stock cooler does supposedly.


I was trying to save as much money as possible when picking my parts at so I went with this MOBO which I regretted later because this MOBO is not an Overclocking motherboard. Other than that, it still works.


Still works. Can't complain.


This currently is not installed. I ordered it yesterday and will install it before I attempt to sell this pc.

Video Card

Had this card for 5 years and like I said in the description, Recent games still run very smoothly at high to ultra settings at 1080p.

Power Supply

Still running. Only reason I have a 1200w psu was because when I owned the gtx 590 I thought about adding another one for quad sli but later changed my mind later.

Optical Drive

still works.

Operating System

I love Win7. Been using it since 2009 when I had a laptop then on this PC up until I put together a new one earlier this month.

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cool, i like it