It was time to upgrade from my i5-4570k, GTX 660, 8GB RAM rig.

I am currently studying Games Design so wanted something which will crush all tasks with ease as well as play games and this is where the new Ryzen chips got my attention.

Everything was a blast & had such a great experience building my first system. I didn't really have too many troubles apart from mounting/slotting the motherboard up with the IO shield.

Many people have suggested that the InWin 805 whilst aesthetically beautiful doesn't have great airflow, I personally haven't had any problem with this and have IMO excellent thermals on AIR. I could see it might be less than ideal to run an AIO due to the lack of effective radiator mounting locations.

I've been overclocking it the past few weeks & have the CPU stable @ 3.9Ghz // 1.313v VCORE // 0.95v SOC // LLC 5. I would like to push for 4ghz & believe this chip can handle it but I feel I would need to do it on water due to the significant extra voltage requirements beyond 3.9ghz.

RAM has been a little bit of an issue though I now have it running at 3066MHz still not quite the 3200MHz I'd like but I do have the timings running super fast & stable. I doubt 3200MHz would see much improvement. Also with RAM overclocking I found lowering SOC actually helped rather than setting it higher.

Look forward to your questions and feedback!

Part Reviews


Stunning multi threaded performance. Hopefully as time goes by it will become more optimised for gaming.

CPU Cooler

Just about fits in my case, great design & very sleek.

Thermal Compound

Does what it says on the tin.


Have had no real problems with this board the only difficulty I'm having is running my RAM at 3200 (so far only achieved 3066mhz)

CPU overclocking friendly.

Would give it 4.5/5


Lightning fast and OC friendly, got times down significantly.


Decent SSD, certainly faster out there but great value.

Video Card

A monster, runs everything without even trying.

The most important factor for me to go with this card is how cool it runs.

I never see higher than 65 degrees under load which is great considering 1080 Ti chips run hot!


Aesthetically unbeatable.

1 star knocked off for the fact the front fans don't act as intake fans due to an acrylic panel at the front

Case Fan

Good looking fans, pretty quiet & decent airflow.

Case Fan

Absolutely insane airflow can be generated by these fans.

As long as you find the sweet spot on your sound to airflow ratio these things are a great.


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wow insane build with that inwin case. BTW what does studying graphic design entail?