Hello, and welcome to my build log for this Streacom DA2 ITX build.

This was a new build after not owning a desktop PC for about six months. I love creating computer projects; cable management is probably my favourite part of any build.

I had wanted to build in an ITX case for some time, and jumped at the opportunity to purchase a Streacom DA2 ITX case at 50% off of local retail price. I built this system with a crossroads of budget and performance in mind.

The Streacom DA2 is a great case to build with, but I can see why some people may find it cumbersome to work with. The rail system is exceptional, and allows for great flexibility in the build phase.

I was skeptical as to the quality of the MSI 2060 GPU, however I have been very surprised by the performance, thermal qualities, and noise under load. I recommend both the MSI GPU and B450i motherboard; both are great products.

I have been focused on playing Modern Warfare (2019) which I received for free as part of the 'The Rules Have Changed' promotion. I can run it at 144 Hz at 1440p on all High/'Max' settings.

Part Reviews


Great CPU. Performs exceptionally well for the price.

CPU Cooler

Previously owned a Corsair H100i v2. This is a great AIO and I recommend it for ITX builds.


Great motherboard with many high-quality features. The M2 slot is on the rear of the board, but that hasn't been an issue.


Good Corsair RAM. 16GB is plenty, but if you have a bit more money to spend, 32GB seems like a good choice.


Crucial make great drives. I highly recommend this M2 nVME SSD. 480GB of blazing fast storage.

Video Card

Great GPU with dollar-to-FPS performance that I am very surprised by. Handles most games I play at 1440p and ~90 FPS.


I love this case. I bought this for $240.00 AUD on a Classifieds website. I love building in the ITX form factor, and Streacom have created a wonderful framework for that.

Power Supply

I love this PSU. I hadn't used Silverstone products before, but this ITX PSU coupled with the Silverstone ITX cables have given me a clean, efficient power source.


I love this mouse. The weight is so nice in the hand. The cable is light and flexible, and I would recommend it to anybody.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

very nice, still feel the 2600 performs very well under £110

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

I weighed up spending a bit more to get the 3600, but it didn't seem worth it to me. I am very happy with my purchase decision, and this build. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment!

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Beautiful! Nice and clean. Why did you decide not to put a fan at the rear? I'm deciding on my 1st build and I might go with this case.

  • 16 days ago
  • 1 point

Were you able to get it to at least 3200mhz