Ryzen 1800X workstation + a bit of gaming

Yes, it is silent. I use it for visual studio + Stellaris, so it doesn't really get to flex too much.
I bought Prey and DOOM just to make sure the GPU didn't feel neglected, and I have the Destiny 2 promo for when it comes out.

Specs on the side are at 27.5C ambient and 100% fan power. Typical temps are closer to 55C @50%, 60C @40% when I leave it to mine overnight. It's the only way I can justify the GPU to my wife, and she doesn't even want to know what it cost.

For the front panel, I mostly used the instructions here. It's very important that you not bend the mesh at all when cutting it, which is difficult with shears. Any small bends will result in the mesh not gluing to your case 100% flat. Don't try to do this without a jigsaw, it was a pain in the *** to file it down to a straight line after just dremelling it.

Super-cooling side-panel mods coming up soon. Built a channel to pull hot air from the GPU heatsink out directly via 2 fans. Right now it's at the functional stage. Still needs to changes to be pretty.

See parts for explanation of the last 2 pictures. That mess of wires is what used to be there and is gone as the other pics show.

Part Reviews


At this point after all the reviews and results are in, get a 1700X. This higher-priced model doesn't offer anything to make up the difference. Even though you can get a better deal, performance/$ is still great though! and msbuild loves the extra cores.

CPU Cooler

Everyone needs one of these things. Clears RAM much easier than you'd think.


Comparing videos of people configuring other motherboards and my experience with this one, I'm glad I went with the C6H. Very beginner friendly, and obviously fully-featured if you're not a beginner as well.
Nice selection of ports and tons of headers for your cooling needs.


Best 32GB pair for Ryzen 7 so far. I can only reliably get 2933MHz to post, but when I'm feeling frisky I can do 3066 after a few tries.

Video Card

So fast, so quiet. This really is the best card you can get. No need to worry about the silicon lottery since they've already binned this product to the best chips. 10% performance increase over my Gaming X at the same temperatures, all while keeping the fan spinning at 50% instead of 60%. This isn't to say 10% better OC, just 10% better when undervolted.

Power Supply

I would not buy this at full retail. At half off for a refurb it was a great deal, and the Corsair link dongle is a fun little monitoring tool for the USB 2.0 header you wouldn't otherwise use. Don't bother with their fan controller though, mobo headers are much better in that they can be driven by internal temperatures without software.

Operating System

Hurray for free MSDN licences through work. Boo for Cortana, One-Drive ads, and opt-out privacy settings.

Case Fan

Anything positive you've heard about these... it's all true. Wish the price was lower, but I do like the color. Better than RGB in any case...

Case Fan

I like this little guy, it's so cute and teeny. Seriously nice little addition to squeeze under the GPU and draw out warm air. Reduced temps significantly (4-5C)


This thing works really well, no need for a board like other implementations. The only thing dragging it down from 5 stars is how much of a clutter it can cause. My second last picture is after I modded it by running cables from both sources (mobo pwm + psu molex) to the pwm end in the same sleeve. Before, there were individual cables from each and they were longer as well. Too much bulk. The last picture is the rat's nest before I made my changes.

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  • 34 months ago
  • 7 points

i see, so it's seems that we have a noctua fan here

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

You wrote that you can get your ram running at 2933MHz. Have you updated to the latest bios--the one with agesa If so, have you tried loosening the timing to get the ram to run at 3200MHz?

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

I updated when the beta came out. I haven't loosened the timings, figured it wasn't worth trying until a finalized version was released. But I hear this one's the same as the beta so I haven't bothered yet. Do you think I'd be better off with looser timings and 3200 or it would be a wash?

For how OC-able this build is, I'm really not putting it to work. I'm running it under-volted and super quiet. I have an MSI lighting Z 1080 ti on the way and I'm going to mod the case to divide air in and out at the edge of the the heatsink line. (No sli unfortunately, I'll be selling the old one lol)

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

OUF - Cooling on air DREAM, I was thinking of doing this myself - but don't want to mod a case, if they only had a Meshify version of Define S, with top filters, front loaded filter and more venting holes in the back!

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

Hello! your build looks so awesome! I am thinking about building a similar one, but I would like to know if it is possible to mount the HDD/SSDs on the front instead of the back, and if so, if the 140mm fans would still fit with a 3.5" HDD there. If not, would it fit with a 2.5" SSD? This is my only concern, If this is not possible it would be a dealbreaker for me :(

Thanks in advance!

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

you mentioned the nh-d15 se clearing the ram much easier than you'd think, I was wondering if you had to offset the second fan over the ram at all. i'm looking to buy the nh-d15s which has its listed ram clearance with the second fan included at 45mm and the g.skill trident z has its height at 44mm which is incredibly tight.

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

Yes, I did move the fan up a bit. Look at picture 3 to see how the front one sticks out farther. The coolers are identical, NH-D15 and NH-D15 SE just come with different mounting hardware. NH-D15 S is also identical but comes with a single fan.
I used the same RAM you're considering so it should work for you too. The only concern is your case, will the side panel shut with the fan there, mine did with the Define S.
Tight clearance is fine. If the manufacturer lists a number and you're within it, you should feel confident about compatibility. It's not cheap Chinese alibaba parts.