+can run BF4 at Ultra (at the very least High in 1080p)

+ultra-snappy SSD with decent space

+GPU is pretty good for the price


-the case leaves something to be desired, one of the cheap plastic bits holding the filter in place is fastened to the case with adhesive has fallen off twice, and you have to rip out perforated metal slots in the back for PCI-E bits. But for $40 I guess I got what I paid for, since it does have decent space and a panel window.

-no SLI capability for Nvidia cards, but I'd go with a 4GB model card if I were to upgrade anyway, so that's no big deal actually

Overall any negativity I have about this is not that big of a deal and I love this thing, totally worth saving birthday/Christmas money for like two years. Very happy to finally be in the world of PC gaming.

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  • 63 months ago
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The glory of building your first build:

  • 62 months ago
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Same Again. I Don't Have Money And I Really Want To Build One.

  • 59 months ago
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Nice build, m8. A corsair 200r would have been a more solid choice for a case as well.

How well does bf4 run on your system on ultra?