Who cares story short, I am a professional video editor and Xbox gamer turned PC. I could talk near-infinite about how I was a Mac guy or Xbox gamer and my background and why. The short of it is it took me decades to ditch Apple and gaming consoles, lord, that PC-Master-Race is no joke.

Quickly. I bought an (overpriced) Origin PC switching from Macs. I had been an FPC video editor for a decade+, that PC served me well for five years. Got a job where I didn't have to edit on my rig, also many Xboxs died. I hade moved to Adobe Premiere already. I sold my XboxS and decided to become full-time PC. So so so worth it.

I had an Orgin PC, paid for local shop to transfer it to this case, then built my first PC. Later, build my second PC in the same damn case, long story, super boring. Anyways, love both PCs.

After 100 hours in BF5, I LOVE PC GAMING. Harder in a way that the players are better, easier that you are not using a thumb to aim. However, games like Harry Potter Lego are baller on Xbox Elite controller. Either way, Microsoft eats the sweet nectar.

Took my old parts, and built a second computer in the same case:

Part Reviews


Kills it in games, cheaper. Win win

CPU Cooler

Bought one for my first build, should have gotten one for my second.

Thermal Compound

Came with cooler, taste good, works well, don't eat this.


9 out of 10, the older design looked better. The RGB is a joke honestly.


Mayo with Sriracha, perfect 10 mates.

Video Card

Hard-hitting, quiet, cool.


I love this case, I have two, would love to see the 2020 version.

Case Fan

In Noctura I trust.


Got at Bestbuy, Love it.


Got at Bestbuy, love!


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Hey i love this monitor im thinking of buying it but when i click the link to buy it off shopping express it takes me to another model Samsung C27JG50QQE what website did you buy it off????

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Sorry about that, it looks like I got something slightly different actually. I got the Samsung C32HG70 from Amazon. It was overpriced but it is awesome for gaming, my face is about two feet from the screen and it is immersive when I am playing.