This was my first ever gaming PC after having played on console for a few years - I finally joined the masterrace.

The build went well apart from having to reinstall the CPU cooler as I had mis-applied thermal paste.

I will add another cheap high capacity SSD when I can. Probably a Kingston uv400.

Gpu oc'ed another 150 MHz And Cpu to 3.9 Ghz (I will do higher overclocks later)

Part Reviews


Very solid Processor that plays games well and is unlocked for overclcoking.

CPU Cooler

Successor of the amazing cooler master hyper 212x. Brilliant temps but the only problem ws installation was a bit tricky.


I spent a long time researching motherboards and finally came across this beauty form msi. This mobo comes with all I need and a z170 chipset with good wifi and bluetooth for not to much. It also has space for an m.2 drive in the future and looks great. The only question with this motherboard: why are there 2 PCI slots????


I got this RAM cheap for about £80 so it was a great deal. High speed, works fine, looks good and a reputable manafacturer - what more can I say?


I've never had a computer with an SSD but now I can never go back because it makes SUCH a difference.; it doesn't even matter what SSD you get as everything loads super quick. This one I picked up quite cheap with an extra 35gb then a typical 240gb drive. This drive works well and is super quick.

Video Card

I was torn between this card and the MSI gaming x version but eventually went with this instead. The cooler on this card is AMAZING, I've got a solid overclock and temps didn't go past 65 on Watch Dogs 2. I chose the 1060 because it performs very well - 50 fps ultra and high resolution texture pack on Watch Dogs 2. I chose the 1060 over the RX 480 because I wanted to stay safe with Nvidia as they are dominant on the market and some say they're even creating a monopoly by buying rights for games.


This case had it all. It looks good, sound-proofing, fan controller, RGB LEDs on the front which can connect an additional extension inside the case, enough drive bays, USB 3.0, dust filters. This case was relatively cheap considering its features and had enough room for cable management. It some places where parts of the case connect together you can see the |LED from inside but this is only a really small detail thats barely noticeable.

Beware the side panel is easily scratched and the rest o the case is a fingerprint magnet. Some aspects of the case lack quality but what can you expect with a cheap case with these features.

Power Supply

Good gold PSU from EVGA with nice black cables.

Operating System

The only option

Case Fan

it's a fan only a 3-pin connector


144 Hz Is F&CKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This monitor looks good, one of the cheaper 144 Hz monitors and works fine.


Great keyoard that feels like a mechanical keyboard and wonderful LEDs

Standard mouse nothing special but again good LEDs and I love the DPI changer.

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