I started buying parts piece by piece around two years ago. I recently returned home from a deployment and used some saved money to finish everything off while Black Friday sales were happening. I'm mainly going to be using this for gaming and doing online school. The only issue I ran into is the CPU cooler rad fan was vibrating against the ram sticks so I had to move it to the back fan slot. I'm just glad everything worked and nothing was DOA because most of the parts were way past the RMA limits.

Part Reviews


Works great for what I need it to do. I am using smart overclocking for it.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler that is keeping my 6600K cool. Had fitting issues while in the top fan slot with it hitting my ram sticks so had to move it to the back of my case.


Has everything I needed as far as connections go and has smart overclocking for my CPU.


Glad I bought ram before the crazy price hike


Using for my OS to fast boot.

Video Card

Larger than I was expecting but had no fitting issues in my case. Enjoying those high FPS's


Just what you would expect out of a $50 case. Mainly bought for the two blue LED fans.


What you would expect to get out of a cheap RGB keyboard. Was hoping it would have more already programmed lighting effects, ie ripple, but all it has is static color, color pulse, color shift and rainbow wave.


For my first "gaming" mouse I love it. Fits my hand perfectly. I love the programmable micros and the adjustable dpi.


Cheap RGB LED kit I picked up on sale. It works for what I need just wish it had magnetic backing instead of tape. Can't control it by a program either, just the included controller.

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Picture 2, Merry Christmas mate! ;)

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Thanks, lol. Hope you have a Merry Christmas as well

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You are not enjoying amazing frames if you only have a 60hz monitor, you are only seeing 60fps in reality

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