EDIT: I got new parts but i'm too lazy to update this thread so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I really enjoyed building this PC, it was a fun time. The case swap was a challenge, mainly removing the MOBO. The old case was extremely difficult to work with. The old case was a $20 Rosewill FBM-X1, so i guess that's why it was meh. The cable management was really bad, but finally i got the MOBO out and into the 3.1 TG. It was amazing. ANYWAYS the PC preforms very well, and i can get about 100-300 FPS on CS:GO most of the time, and always above 60 on and FH4. I am very happy with this build. I can also stream on this build quite well. I stream at 720p 59.94 fps on SLOBS (i'm aware that obs is better, I've gotten used to slobs though) I'm unable to stream at the full 60 because it ruins my frames, but if i stream at 59.94, its fine so whatever :) The games i stream are CS:GO, ROBLOX, and drive. The only issues I've had are with my WiFi, and being stupid and crashing. Overall, this was a very fun build, and i hope to build another PC soon!

PS: I built the system in December of 2017, but it shows November. Not a big deal but i just want to point out i did not build one this year.

Thanks for looking at my build!

Part Reviews


nearly scared the heck out of me when i put my CPU in wrong... still works and does what it has to. I overclocked my CPU to 3.5 ghz, so im happy this board allows that :)


Decent ram but does what it should. unfortunately for me i put my stealth cooler's AMD logo over ddim a1 and cant use it until i change the direction. oh well.


Haven't scratched the side panel yet, so thats good. The case looks stunning. Add an RGB strip in it then you're good to go!

Power Supply

hasn't blown up yet, so thats good.

Operating System

beep boop bitcoin


it had a cute finch on it. that's all. Oh, you want to know about the monitor? oj. Its just a standard 60hz panel. There's only 20 degrees of tilt though and there's also no vertical adjustment. Looks like my GPU box has a use now :)


Kind of small, but works really well. Great sensor and i really like how accurate this mouse is.

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kinda late comment, but does the bird add any FPS?

  • 14 months ago
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He actually takes some away. He eats the FPS

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