So I wanted to build something with some spare ITX parts I had that could be small, and quick to buy. I chose the GEEEK A1 since it fits, and nice fashion. This is mainly an upgrade from my Raspberry Pi4 4GB for a Plex server, and small test server (With a little minecraft and emulators).

Benefits: So main benefits for hosting Plex, and some various network servers is the overall Size, Noise, Wattage, CPU power, and Cost to me. The RPI4 was good, but it just was missing the power to handle a full Plex server, or PlayStation Emulations. The GEEEK A1 build I have handles everything I have thrown at it easily.

Cost: The case itself was easy to put together(1 hour), but does feel flimsy being almost all acrylic. The Motherboard, CPU, RAM, SSD, HDD's were leftover parts from various other projects, so I basically just bought the case and Pico power adapter from GEEEK in a bundle for $72+20Shipping=$92 to finish. Also currently testing out the Wattage use at 15W Idle, and 60W running servers, plus Stress testing Video. Overall I expect to hit around $60/Year for Electric costs. That's about double my RPI4 cost, but for stability I think it's a win.

Airflow: The A1 has slots for 4 40mm fans, and 1 90mm, but testing the setup with just a Noctua L9i CPU cooler, I have not seen temperatures pass 50C stress testing. Which is surprising; it doesn't seem like airflow, or temperatures are much of an issue.

Gaming FPS (1080p): The only games on this system, and will only be on this system are emulators from NES~PS1, and Minecraft. I've tested Emulators with no issues at all, and Minecraft at low settings reaches 30~60fps no issue at all.

End Notes: I was very surprised how well this system works without a GPU to support. It's not my 4th and smallest SFF desktop. Big fan of GEEEK cases.

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  • 2 months ago
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love it

  • 2 months ago
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Yea thats pretty badass for a lil computer, i kept a pic to of it to add to my stash of pics of pc builds to consider building ;)