Build just for gaming and some general use. Not planning on over clocking as I would probably want a better cooler but it is completely functional in the current build.

Part Reviews


Pricing was great and I have nothing bad to say about the speed and performance. The cooler provided works well in my system, though it did not come with any documentation to install. So for a first time builder, I would have liked a little more for that.


Works great, didn't have any issues installing and the documents provided were very helpful to find out where everything was. The only issue was the io shield in the back was not as flush with the case as I would like but it is very minor.


Looks good and works, can't really add anything other then that. Pricing was also nice.


Found at microcenter, saved me about $60 over the Samsung version, I have only had it a week or so but so far no issues.


Found at microcenter, also available for shipping from them. Was much cheaper then Samsung and works just fine from what I can tell so far.

Video Card

I went from a 1060 to this, it was like reinventing the wheel, it looks great and works wonderful. It is massive, as expected from graphics cards now a days, it took up 3 expansion slots by itself.


I am so glad I got this case, works great and has tons of room. I really liked that it had a fan control unit on the back, so that I could plug any fans (including the 3 included) into this hub and everything just worked. Plenty of cut outs for cords to organize. I will also add the fans seem silent. I had to check to make sure they were running it was so quiet.

I would check the dimensions of you have space concerns, it is not a small case for a mid tower.

Power Supply

Works well, lots of cords for the modular setup. However, no documents come with it so make sure you know what you need because there is no help on this from Corsair.

Operating System

It's windows, it works but is expensive. Nothing else to really add.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

My man has the first ever gtx 2080 super.

But jokes aside great build.

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Great build bro!!

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Great build!

Quick question - have you noticed any coil whine noise?

Thank you!