I mainly built this pc for music production, video editing and light gaming. I fell in love with the Lian-li case because it was different and oh.. tempered glass. The finished product looks amazing with the machined aluminum and tempered glass body Especially if you stand it upright as I did. This case follows form over function which would also be my only complaint. To get access to the HDD cages (which are in 3 different places)you have to un-mount multiple parts. To get to the front cage is easy remove the front pane, to get to the rear cages same, to get to the 2 rear ssd mounts on the back of the frame... massive headache. Remove front pane, unplug and remove mobo to access the fastening screws for the ssd cage, remove back panel, add ssd's, remount everything in reverse order, pray to the pc case god that there aren't any clearance issues with cables once you put the back panel on.

Part Reviews


This thing is a beast. I've had a full multi channel live set playing from Ableton Live while playing games at 4k without a noticeable drop in frame rate. Disclaimer they were at 30-60fps, nothing crazy. Easy OC with bios update.

CPU Cooler

Stock fans are a bit noisy. Throw on some noctua fans and presto. Arguably the best AIO solution. Great for keeping OC'd chip temps down.


Has just about everything you could want minus thunderbolt support and a built in wireless card. No issues 9 months in (knocks on wood)

Video Card

No complaints, can run 2 60fps 4k monitors at the same time with web browse on one and game on another without issues.


Everything about this case is beautiful. It does take almost any AIO cooler. Only con is it takes a lot of planning to execute this right. Do not recommend dual GPU's with an AIO water cooler (lack of airflow)

Wireless Network Adapter

Could be a system issue but upon booting up it needs to be unplugged and re plugged in or else the system doesn't recognize device.

Case Fan

Whisper quiet. FUGLY


Cool looks, adjustable dpi, Good programable macro setting for fps's and MMO's


  • 24 months ago
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Simple, but Great build dude. What is your CPU's idle temp and temp under load?

  • 24 months ago
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CPU is at about 60-70's, gpu needs more ventilation. During rendering in AE hits highs of 70-80

  • 24 months ago
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Oke dokie. Thanks. Let me know if you get the cpu temp any lower