Really just saw a good deal on Craigslist from a guy who was selling tons of stuff untested since he owned a PC repair shop and i'm talking he had tons and tons of stuff like I thought I had a horde of components but, it was like a kid in a candy store going into that place. I ended up picking up a Diablotek case with an Inland 400w PSU for 20$, an R9 270 that sadly did not function, R7 260x that did work fine and have used it with 0 issues played many hours of games on it for testing. He sold me a Seagate Barracuda HDD 500gb 2.5 for 15$ that worked fine as well. So after that trip I was like man I pretty much have an entire PC already just from like 60$ of stuff so I went on hardware swap and for some reason I was really just curious about the Phenoms and i've never used them so I wanted to give them a shot.

I bought the Phenom + Asus mobo combo for a whopping 35$ shipped had some problems with the mobo and case they did not get along together mainly the case is just low budget trash haha. The motherboard didn't like the Ram I had (also bought from hardware swap for 22$) only 1 of the 4gb sticks will detect no matter the slot even though the ram works fine in all my other motherboards. Not a big deal though 4GB is probably fine for this type of PC.

Ok onto what I hated most about the case. The headers are way way way to short the front LED cannot even reach the place it's supposed to go on the motherboard and the front USB 2.0 didn't function at all. I know it was a used case buy at your own risk but, it was in like brand new condition in the box and everything im pretty sure it just arrived at the guys house like that. I can't confirm that obviously but, i'm speculating that this case is just trash.

The Inland power supply worked fine powers up this Phenom + R7 260x no problems at all. It's a decent PC for what it is i'm not sure what i'm looking to get out of it probably just going to try and trade it for something or even more parts who knows. It was a fun ride though going back in time to the Phenom era. Also the stock cooler on the Phenom is a literal vacuum cleaner it's the loudest most annoying thing in the entire world.

Part Reviews


Still holds up quite well even for 2017. I don't have a good cooler what so ever so overclocking is out of the question the stock cooler is horrible and is a literal vacuum cleaner it's beyond noisy.


Sadly only 1 of the 2 sticks worked on this mobo works fine on other mobo so.


Slow but, good amount of storage and fits in SSD slot

Video Card

Silent and runs extremely well even in 2017. Plays all the popular games with no issues.


Terrible flimsy, trash case. The headers are to short to reach an ATX mobo it feels like this was supposed to me mAtx but, decided at the last second to fit ATX because my mobo barely even went in the case. It's just bad avoid unless you get super cheap like I did.


Have had this for a while finally have a reason to review it. Don't buy that is all. the keys on the keyboard squeak and the mouse wheel squeaks as well. even for 30$ I feel ripped off

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  • 37 months ago
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Those Phenom, hell even quad Athlons still hold up with most games....Just as long as its not heavy cpu bound games...You could pair it up with a 1050 or 1050 ti just fine for most games (not sure if the R7 260X is about the same)

  • 37 months ago
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You should post some pics of the inside of the case, also I don't trust Diablotek PSU's, they are known to actually explode.

  • 37 months ago
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Its not a diablotek PSU its an Inland 400w PSU. I sold the PC for 320$

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