This was my first build, made using christmas money and some out of my own pocket at age 14. The case has way more cable management than I could use, but at the end of it all it still looks like a nice machine. I didn't run into many problems, but the biggest ones for me was that the front panel mic and audio jacks don't work, but that may have been bad wiring from me. I got around this with a nice little splitter for one of the USB 3.0 DAC-UP ports and it works amazingly. The graphics card also mounted itself a little high, making it somewhat difficult to access via the expansion slots, but that's also probably my bad. Overall, this thing is a huge step up from my old HP pavilion laptop and I'm very glad that I used AMD over Intel, even for gaming. With a monitor like this and the level of gaming I do, I don't need insane frame rates, but this nice build can get a steady 50-60fps normal clocked while doing all sorts of tasks in the background. The next step for me is probably to get a bigger SSD, but the 500GB has been plenty to get started and to put my whole (albeit small) Steam and Epic Games libraries onto. Overall, I would highly recommend all of these parts to anyone interested in a fairly easy-to-build, powerful, middle-budget system.

Notes: Can heat up the room it's in, but parts stay fairly cool CPU Turbos to 4.0-4.1 GHz without OC and with stock cooler

Part Reviews


I haven't had any issues with it. The driver is a bit confusing, but I'm ok with that. The main problem is the stock cooler, which I use, is pretty annoying in that it is a little loud and not very good. Also, the overclocking built into the driver crashed my computer pretty hard with the stock cooler, so watch out for that


You're looking for a motherboard to be the heart of your system. You want it to be stable, functoinal, and always work well, without causing too many problems. Boy, is this not the motherboard for you. I got lucky enough to have a motherboard that has worked for a few months now. However, it doesn't fit super cleanly into my case (H500i) and its own back panel doesn't seem to fit it right. Front panel audio output is eh, input is crazy static-y.

On top of those hardware issues, the motherboard has the WORST software known to man. The BIOS is a pain to even get into, with most of the time the keys to press and the ability to press them disappearing from the screen before the graphics card can display anything to the monitor. Also, the driver is RGB Fusion, which is trash. On top of this, it has a program in it that will LITERALLY just randomly take you out of whatever you were doing for a split second. While this seems inconsequential, it will pause online games to make you die, take you out of anything you were fullscreened on, and altogether cause more issues than it is worth. The driver isn't even that nice, and the LEDs are nothing impressive anyways, so I ended up uninstalling it and now my motherboard is constantly blue. This will be the first component that I upgrade for sure.

TL;DR: Crappy hardware, crappier software. Way too cheap quality for a $100+ mobo. 3/10, would not buy again.


16 gigs of good ram. Fairly cheap price, but works perfectly. I had to mess around with the BIOS to get it working at 3000mHz, but I've had no issues since


Pretty good SSD. A little slow on file transfer speeds, but boot times are amazing

Video Card

RX 580 is a great card, but it isn't perfect. I got it expecting (stupidly) to be getting like 75fps+ on all games at max settings 1080p, which just isn't the case. The card is good though and can stand a decent overclock, albeit a bit loud


Great case, looks great. CAM is okay, nice to have OC'ing of GPU built in, but its FPS monitor is terrible and slows down the FPS of the game

Power Supply

Cheap, quiet, works without a problem.

Case Fan

Quiet, cheap, decent air flow. Pretty good

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  • 10 months ago
  • 3 points

Not bad im going to get a gaming pc this year to going to save up some money. Currently got a hp pavilion gaming laptop its a okay laptop but i need a pc and this summer going to save some money and hopefully get it this year. Overall i think if you got a better ssd it would be good, therefore nice pc!

  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

You could've gotten more storage for about 50 90$ more but other than that.. Great PC!

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Yeah, that's gonna be the first thing I expand on but I kinda already blew most of my money

  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

hey could you link some benchmarks? Im looking to build a similar pc