This build was made for my sister and assembled in one evening with a few bottle of beer and lots of fun. She wanted to stay beneath 1000$ CAD but be able to decently play games so here we are!

-The CPU is in my opinion an accurate part for her needs, she uses photoshop about twice per week for minor to medium tasks, do a little bit of video editing, do some random decompression / compression and encoding (videos and pictures mainly) and gaming

-The cpu cooler was a tight fit in her casing but ended up working well and taking just enough space

-The motherboard is a little wonder, ready for M.2 and has usb type C for the upcoming future, it has all the needed space and ram / pcie input needed for a simple build!

-The ram is also a wonder, 2400 mhz 4x4GB for a total of 16GB for a very decent price

-The HDD is in my opinion it's biggest weakness, after much deliberation my sister requested to have a really cheap HDD and no SSD (which will eventually change) so we (for the moment) agreed on having a 1TB 7200rpm

-Zotac Geforce 1050 is simply the very best video card to game in medium to low tier games and even take on more demanding games (with some adjustments and compromises of course), since she plays non demanding games such as skyrim and world of warcraft (and of course a few more but these are good exemples) we figured she didnt need to go insane on that part so we kept a budget for the GPU

-The midtower wasnt my idea but it was a good one, at the time we bought it it was at 30$ which is reasonable considering its neat visual with the side panel and leds, 3 preinstalled fans, 2.5 / 3.5 " bays as well as the 2xUsb3 1xUsb2 plugs.

-Finally the Power supply which is slightly overkill (about 230w over) was still in my opinion a good choice since she will get to keep it hopefully for a big while and considering its price it is a good deal also I always work with at least semi modular ones, non modular are just a pain to struggle with

finally but most importantly for the convenience, all of these parts can be bought on newegg which greatly helps for delivery and all that nonsence about payment and organisation (the less places you buy from, the easier it is)

Part Reviews


A really nice compromise between performances and economies. It runs just about anything a normal person requires to do, is a really good base for gaming and even let you take on bigger tasks without much problems. A must have for most gaming builds.

CPU Cooler

I'm a bit harsh on this one so here comes the pros and cons;


-Comes with thermal paste

-Not too loud

-Does a really neat job

-Good quality

-Low price


-It's really tall and might not fit in quite a number of mid-tower

-Confusing instructions, you're better off watching a vid if you're not sure

-When installing this fan for the first time, it is not an easy task to do

-It's large, in my case we were fine but I can see many micro atx (or itx) boards that would not be able to take this monster without having the ram or pcie in the way

overall it is a neat part but you need to know how to install it, ideally watch a video because the instructions never talks about LGA 1151 (which is pretty standard) and make sure your take some measurements before taking this fan. but other than that it's good


Really neat board on budget, I didnt try a 7th gen cpu tho and I kinda wish we dont need to flash the bios to use one but in my case the i5-6600K was running well in it

the board has enough space to accept most of the parts you might want to put in but you'll be unfortunately losing a 1x pcie if you place a double graphic card (like most of what you can find) so you fall down to only one 1x expansion pcie

the 4 ram slots and its more than reasonable price are the two main reasons I took this board, it unfortunately cant take more than 2400mhz ram but hey it's still pretty good

finally I gotta talk about it since its a feature, the LED light on it would be pretty cool if it wasnt placed on the end of the board (near the outside interface panel), unfortunately you'll forget really soon that your motherboard has a LED light since it'll be hidden by most likely your case (even with a side panel) and your pcie cards (including a big video card)

other than that the part is still a wonder but loses one star due to some of the mentioned flaws ;p


cant say much more than what you read is what you get, 4x4gb DDR4 2400Mhz (is that really necessary to mention ?) at a fairly cheap price


Of course you can definitely find better but the price is low, the brand is well reputed and the speed is good.

simple, cheap, good

Video Card

one of my favorite parts, it is small, made by Zotac (which never let me down so far). cheap price and has enjoyable performances.

If you're on a budget, you have a compact build (micro ATX or maybe even ITX) this is the card for you


I was surprised to see that thing at 30$, it has a neat visual, 2x USB3.0 1XUSB2.0, a side panel and 3 fans. it is of course pretty small so your build must be able to fit in it (it is indeed an atx case but it is pretty tight even with a micro atx) but I would definitely recommend

it surprisingly can also take "Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM" which is a dang monster rising at a monstrous ~16cm high which caught me off-guard, I was really happy to see that titan fitting well in it (tho it is tight fit, I would say less about 1 .5cm between the panel and the heat-sink)

Power Supply

Awesome part, long cables, all the ones you might need are in there, cheap price, efficient and not too loud fan, lots of power, low price, 80+ bronze certification, nothing I can report on that one, it is a really neat and simple part


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I'm a little late to the comment party in regards to this build but (ah..."but" which means ignore everything that comes before it) I thought I'd drop my two cents into the bucket of public opinion here.

My favorite thing about this build is the picture of the three gleefully smiling for the camera. That is why we build PC's, for the love of the build. It is the same reason "gear-heads" talk specs on cars/trucks/bikes etc. and argue over the best gear ratio and whatnot for their custom ride. We'll all debate whether this part or that should have been used in the end we arrive at the same destination; a build that was fun to pull together (and in this case with friends) and a build that will truly never be done because this will only lead to upgrading, upgrading, upgrading until you part together the next from the ground up rig and then it starts all over again.


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You could have gotten. A 1300x and spent the rest on a gtx 1050ti.

I know the 1300x is a bit worse off in gaming than a 6600k but the 1050ti would give you overall better fps than a 6600k/1050 Combo would since most games are gpu dependent.

However the setup is still great for gaming!

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yeah wasnt a bad idea however my sister kinda had a preference on the intel i5 and the 6600k was a good middle ground so we went around that but thx for the idea, I like these kind of criticisms ;p

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First picture=r/meirl (Yes)

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Unless your French it is Supervisor

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I am french lol it was on purpose (for facebook photos)

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its also "you're" :)

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English 3000

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cable management????

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I honestly think this computer build is not very good. A two generation back i5 with a gtx 1050 for 800?! Ha. A Ryzen 5 and gtx 1050 ti would be in the same price range. And you could have gotten an ssd, as it would have been in her 1000$ CAD budget.

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I couldnt make it more even more clear about the HDD being it's biggest weakness so thx for reminding me that she did not want to get one yet.

about the CPU she wanted to stay by the side of intel, I know ryzen might have some interesting compromises but choices were made.

concerning the 1050ti it was considered and I did mention it but as I said on the build description, she did not want nor need a strong gpu, heck even if she had a 950 she would have been entirely satisfied.

money was really important and 1000$ CAD including shipping and taxes because that's the limit she had set for this build.

In short perhaps the build is not good for your needs but for her needs it suits her just well and this is what she desired, If someone desires to acquire something I wont give them something they dont expect to get, I'll just explain them why they would want something else. This is what people expects from a good service.