I will use this computer for Gaming/Streaming Osu! on

I gotta say this took 5 months to get the money, even though it took 2 months to get the exact amount of money to buy it, but I wanted to have $1,000 left in my account so then i'm not broke. the total for the whole thing was $1,285.53. For now I will be using this bed desktop has my desk until I can build my actual Computer Desk next year in school by the way im 17 years old. My birthday was before I got the rest of my computer parts and monitor.

I bought like 7 games for this computer. Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher Trilogy, Rust, PC Building Simulator, and Minecraft. I also bought 3dmark on steam because it was on sale and I had to get it for the details section on this page.

The first thing that came in was the case on December 2nd. I got it from newegg cause it was sold out on amazon. I opened it up and read the manual to learn the case, I found out that you can move the 3.5" drive cage in further in the case so I would have enough room for a 360mm Rad in front later in the future. The next thing I did I put in the standoff positions, so when I do get the rest of the computer I can put the IO shield in and then the motherboard with all the stuff all ready in appropriate slots.

Then the chair came next on December 4th. its not a bad chair, pretty comfy, good back support, easy to build but I needed my friend to help me build it. It was only $60, but I mean I needed a chair because the chair that I have is a lawn chair that has a metal frame.

Then the rest of the PC came in on December 13th, everything went well but not the ram. I bought new ram from Corsair and It actually ran at it’s rated speed. Thank god and Corsair for making wonderful products. I have to the ram at 3000mhz in order not to crash the computer when playing games. bought 2 fans and a be quiet cooler because why not.

In conclusion this is for my taxes and bills to pay with in the future, this is a lot more better then my grandmas computer that had an athlon x2 215 and nvidia nForce 6150 SE built in graphics.

3dmark Score:

Part Reviews


Very good processor for the money

CPU Cooler

very easy installation, would recommend.

Thermal Compound

I like the company.


Good looking board and good manufacture


Very good reputable ram and manufacture


Really good value for the amount of storage it has

Video Card

Was gonna get the 3 fan version of this but it costed $20 more, oh well it does great to exact same performance with the 3 fan version just the temperature is different


I love this case so much!

Power Supply

Got this for 74.99 for being 80+ Gold, 650W and Semi-Modular its not bad

Case Fan

added 2 in my case for more airflow, because the memory sticks were not getting cooled enough.


hahaha I took the last of these hahaha #Paulshardware


bought this used on mercari thats a buying/selling used stuff app, it works great


didn't know this was the pro version when I bought it, but thats ok cause it was cheaper then the regular version, with more DPI too


Very good quality


very important if you don't know how to clean the thermal paste.


Bought two of these I needed one to transfer my downloads from my grandmas computer to my computer and the other for windows 10

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  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

Are you experiencing much CPU bottlenecking? The 2600 should be a little underpowered for the GPU especially in modern 3D games xx

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

People keep asking this question. I built my PC around the RTX 2060 Super and in my research the Ryzen 5 2600 was working very well with the GPU. I have had zero of this concerned CPU bottlenecking myself. Since Ryzen 2 came out people seem to think that the Ryzen + series was that much weaker and it is not. Forgive me midnightbrandit if my response seemed aggressive, it was not meant to be. lol I just do not get why so many believe the Ryzen 5 2600 to be such a weak CPU that it would bottleneck an RTX 2060 Super.

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

No it’s running fine with the 2060 super 70-90 FPS in GTA V Max out settings without the advanced graphics.