This was fun rebuild. My friend purchased this rig back in 2010 to use as a music production, video editing and photo shop machine. The original system included on a 1TB WD Black drive, 24GB RAM, a XEON W3550, HD 6670 and a nice customer aluminum case.

The first question that my friend asked was , "How can I make it faster"?

Well, being that he only had this lone 1TB mechanical drive, I recommended a new SSD and a SSHD. Yes I know SSHD are not that great in terms of gaming, but what about being able to access programs that are used constantly?

The first thing we did was upgrade from that HD6670 to a GTX 1050Ti and add a PNY 240GB SSD for the OS only. We also added a 1TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD.

I chose the GTX 1050Ti because of its rating. This was a major jump from a 1GB GPU to 4GB.

The next upgrade we added a WD 3TB Blue, 2TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD and a Crucial 500GB SSD.

I added the OS to the PNY 240GB SSD. The Crucial 500GB SSD holds Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas Pro.

This project was exciting not just for me but my client.

This system flies. It would definitely make for the ultimate gaming machine.

Part Reviews


Actual CPU is the XEON W3550. Although non overclocakable, it is still powerful for its use


This motherboard is the creme de le creme of the LGA1366 line. Easy BIOS and OC ability


24GB of this RAM make this system fly. Cool plastic heat shield on RAM


Loading the OS on this drive was easy. Boots well under 10 seconds. No issues what so ever.


Write and transfer speeds are awesome!!

Video Card

No PCIE required. Whisper quiet and cool. Nice upgrade from a 1GB GPU. Very compatible with previous generation Intel.


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Did you read any of the description? It's a rebuild from a 2010 computer, obviously Ryzen wasn't an option

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Thanks. This was a rebuilt. It was originally built in 2010 with the W3550. I have talked him into a Ryzen 1700 build for Christmas. So we will update then.

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