Well I've finally gotten around to posting my build that I finished back in February. This is my first build since I stopped PC gaming back in 2007, so it has been awhile but it's good to be back. I decided that I wanted a PC that I could use like my PS4 in the living room on the big screen and I was excited to see that the technology has reached that level. I don't think I could have imagined back when I used to game being able to make a build this small and I was excited for the challenge of a small form factor build aswell as being able to game on the big screen.

So I started this build an entire year before back on last Valentine's Day my wife didn't know what to get me so I decided that I wanted to start building a gaming rig. I did some research and I decided to start with the case and I sent her the link to The Cooler Master Elite 130 on Superbiiz it was only $35 after a discount promo code. Really a lot of these parts I got as gifts for different occasions. The only thing that I ended up straight out purchasing is the GPU, HDD, disk drive, OS, and aio which I picked up all at the same time from Jet I got a killer deal there it was only $590 with the save 15% on your first three orders and they discount stuff with a red tag as you add them to your cart. Jet is my go to now for PC parts and there customer service is amazing they actually send you a picture of the person you are talking to in customer service I thought it was pretty cool.

New: So I think I finally got the drevo calibur connecting properly now, still finicky but alot better then before. Also I got lucky on a trip to goodwill and found a solution to a problem all of us living room gamers have. I found this mobile desk attachment thing made by kensington for $1.95. It was that terrible off white color mixed with silver. I brought it home and cleaned it off and put on a couple layers of spray paint, cut my razer mouse pad up and super glued it to the mouse section. I now have my own custom larboard sweet, I'm calling you out lapdog/turret/sova. The mouse section is even adjustable, and can be move to the left hand side it also has two of them although I don't know why but I love it.

CPU: I chose to go with the i5 6500 for a number of reasons. First it's a solid performer and I don't do anything but game and I personally don't feel you need anything stronger then this since most games are more geared towards the gpu. Secondly I didn't need an unlocked card since I can oc this one through the blck to as much as 4.5 when the need arises but it hasn't I haven't maxed it's usage out yet to where it was affecting performance at stock clock speeds. I got this for Christmas from my in-laws and they got it on sale for $175.00.

CPU Cooler: I was originally going to go with a thicker radiator but I'm glad I didn't, it was such a tight squeeze getting this in there with a push pull configuration I literally had to screw in the rubber mounts from the bottom of the case to hold the hdd in place and the back fan I had to go in at an angle and pop it in between the ssd and radiator didn't even have to screw it in its super snug. The H60 runs really quite I can't even hear it and it allows me to oc in the future if I desire. I picked up the H60 from jet for $54.04.

Motherboard: I choose this mobo for a number of reasons. It's feature rich, it's got a great color scheme, it's very premium feeling and made with good quality parts. It also came pre-loaded with the bios to oc locked skylake CPU's. The bios is very easy to use and it does its job without a fuss. This was on sale seen it was picked up for $125.00 from newegg.

Memory: I like the name brand, it has a real heat spreader on it, the timing was good on it aswell as its speed over cas. It's also a real bonus that the color red they used matches the mobo perfectly. As a side note it said the pcb was green but they have updated it and it's black now which was a nice bonus to my color scheme this was picked up for $47.00 on sale at newegg.

Storage: Even though I have the ability to go with the m.2 ssd I decided to stick with the tried and true ssd/hdd combo. I've never had an ssd before, I don't even remember if they where around when I last built my PC. I've seen some mixed reviews on the Kingston UV400 ssd but I think it's awesome when I boot up I get the little flash where you can go into the bios and then it's straight to the lock screen and then to the desktop I also got it on sale from Amazon for $35 so it was the cheapest 120gb. I choose the hdd mainly due to its reviews and popularity, I'm Vlad I did it works great and I can't hear it running at all got it for $45.04 on jet.

Video Card: This was the part that changed the most before I bought it. Originally I was going to get an RX 470 until they released and they were pretty much the same price as the 480 so I was going to get that then everyone was talking about how 4gb wasn't going to be good enough so I decided to put a little extra towards it and get the gtx 1060. Then they lowered the price on the r9 fury nitro + card so I was settled on that. Finally I got a bonus at work and decided that I would just go ahead and get gtx 1070. I got lucky that the Asus strix was on sale at the time and there was only a couple dollars difference between the stock clocked version and the oc version so I went with the oc. This gpu is amazing it runs really quite, I can't hear it over the case fans. I have not tried to oc it yet, I don't have a need to but I do keep it in the over clocked preset profile and I turned the 0dba fan off so they run continues mainly for extra air flow in the case. I got this Gpu for $386.15 off of Jet.

Case: I choose this case mainly do to its size and ascetics. It's an all metal case and the front cover is plastic so it's nice a ridged. I did some modifications to it. I did remove the case feet and I went online and ordered some rubber case feet for it since the ones that came with it were a hard plastic these were also lower in profile aswell and absorb vibrations better. Secondly I took out the 80mm case fan and frame for it, basically useless and just adds more noise. Third I removed the hdd mount on the side, it was interfering with the radiator and was unneeded. Building in this case was easy for me I watched some videos on it before hand which made it much easier, there is definitely an order of assembly to follow. The most difficult part of the build was the wire management but using zip ties and the velcro tabs that came with the psu and gpu it wasn't too difficult; I don't look forward to taking anything back out though. I got the case for $35 on superbiiz.

Power supply: I knew I wanted a 500w 80+ gold semi-modular psu and when I read the reviews on this one where people would just write "it's a seasonic enough said" and all the 5 star ratings so I figured it was a good choice. I've got to say PC parts have come a long way since my last build this psu feels so premium compared to the old off white gray ones we used back in the day. I use this as an exhaust for the PC flipping it so it pulls out residual heat from the mobo. I got this psu from newegg for $60.

Optical drive/OS: The only reason I went this route was that it was cheaper then getting the USB version of windows 10 and I guess it's good to have an Optical drive in thoughs rare instances. I paid $19.58 and $85.30 for the disk drive and windows 10 from Jet.

Case Fans: These were really cheap only $4 off of newegg a piece and they move alot of air and are really quite. The only time I can hear them is when the radiator gets dusty but once I clean them they go back to being Silent. I don't really like the leds they have it doesn't light up the whole fan and you just end up seeing red lines.

Keyboard: This is the Drevo Calibur mechanical in black with RGB lighting and red switches. I like the key board alot. It has different profiles you can save to highlight the keys you use most although I mainly just keep it on one solid color. My only complaint is that I have a hard time getting it to connect to the PC via Bluetooth it's a work in progress and I believe it is due to it being a Low energy device and windows has difficulties with these. I bought this keyboard for $55 from Amazon.

Mouse: Havit 2.4g mouse. I just picked this one up from Amazon for cheap like $25 but it works surprisingly well and I love the different dpi setting and the fact that I can cut off the lights and the actual mouse.

So far I love this build and it works great in the living room connect to my vizio M60- C3 4K TV. I will probably oc the gpu and CPU when the need arises and when I get some free time I will run some benchmarks and let everyone know how she does.

Part Reviews


Best value and sweet spot for gaming imo. I haven't had a moment yet where I felt the need for anything more powerful. If you get certain motherboards with the right bios you can even over clock it though I don't feel this is necessary it's plenty powerful for any games out there.

CPU Cooler

Works great, easy to install and keeps my CPU nice and frosty. I set mine up in a push pull configuration and replaced the fan it came with, with two Coolermaster sickle flow case fans. Runs really quite and the pump isn't audible. I would recommend plugging it into the CPU fan connector on the motherboard and turning it to Max in the bios.


I picked this up when it was on sale for $125. At that price point you couldn't beat it but even at the regular price point it's still a solid buy. The bios is easy to use and it came pre-loaded loaded with the bios that allows you to over clock the locked skylake CPU. The only reason why I took a star off of it was that the wireless/Bluetooth antenna was damaged and had to be replaced.


This is a great set of ram. The speed is good double the cas and so is the timing. The color matches my mobo perfectly like they were made for each other. The heat spreader is actually a real one unlike alot of them that are just for looks. The pcb is not green it's been updated to black.


When I picked up this ssd it was on sale for $35 at Amazon and that was my main reason for buying it , it was the cheapest I could find. I also like the brand aswell. Some of the reviews give this ssd a bad rap but it's plenty fast for me basically as soon as I hit the power button I'm on the lock screen and then straight to the desktop.


Does what it's supposed to do. It's quite and runs smooth and it's not over priced.

Video Card

In my opinion it's the best gtx 1070 out there. It has a nice backplate, tasteful led, runs really quite, has a decent oc out of the box , the tweak 2 is easy to use and understand, it has two hdmi outputs making it perfect for VR without an adapter, and you get two additional fan headers built into it. I was lucky when I got this one on sale at Jet for only $385 when everyone else wAnted $450 for it. This gpu feels premium in the had and looks stunning.


This is a great case for an htpc setup which is what I'm using it for and gaming. You can fit alot into this little case, pretty much any two slot gpu on the market, and an aio liquid cooler in a push pull configuration spending on the radiator thickness. I made a few mods to it like removing the 80mm noise maker and it's frame, the vertical hdd mounting bracket, and the terrible hard plastic case feet which I replaced with low-profile rubber case feet. I do want to remove the optical drive cage and mount a larger case fan in the top sometime in the future. I took a star off for the terrible case feet on it and also lack of cable management.

Power Supply

This is a great psu , it runs really quite doesn't put off any kind of smell and feels very premium all the way from the packaging to the unit yourself. This brand has won my loyalty and will be the only brand of psu I will buy in the future great product I could see the care they put in their products with this one.

Optical Drive

This was the cheapest drive available the could read and write. I like Asus products and this one works great. It's no loader then any other disk drive and it preforms well too.

Operating System

I really like windows 10 it reminds me alot of xp and feels easy to use. I like the new windows edge explorer aswell as cortona which makes it so easy to navigate to different things like my drivers and so forth. The only negative for me so far is the amount of junk you have to get rid of when you install it.

Case Fan

Great case fans they move alot of air and run very quiet, they don't cost an arm and a leg either. My only complaint is the led, I thought from the pictures I had seen that it only looked like that because it was a picture but nope you literally only see four red lines it doesn't light up the whole fan at all.

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  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

I dont understand i thought the h60 wasnt compatible with the 1151 socket ???

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

It's compatible with all 115X sockets including 1151. It works great too and is really quite as you can see I put it in a push pull configuration. I would highly recommend it, when I was choosing a cooler it was between this one and the nzxt kraken but the kraken came off sale so I went with the H60 I have no regrets it works great and I couldn't ask for more.

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Overclocking a locked i5? I am guessing you are adjusting the base clock of the board as the multiplier will be locked.

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

Yea through the base clock but honestly I haven't felt the need to yet. I don't feel like its holding anything back and most games are more GPU dependent.I really just wanted the option when it does need a little boost to keep up.