First custom build from scratch. Designed for light gaming (iRacing) with a bit of future proofing. Used mainly for school and work related projects. Parts were purchased on cyber monday through Amazon and Newegg. The highest price for this build has been $1041 dollars as of 1/4/16, so I saved a ton. CPU cooler was a gift and was added a few weeks later to replace the stock fan.

System runs Windows 7 Pro and Ubuntu 14.04 in dual boot with each OS having its own SSD. Windows is on the Sandisk drive and Ubuntu is on the Kingston. The 1TB 7200RPM HDD is used for my everyday files and some programs. The 3TB 5400RPM drive is used purely for long term storage for my media files.

Part Reviews


Didn't have the budget for an i-7. This processor more than does the job. Absolutely no complaints.

CPU Cooler

I wasn't going to get a cooler since I don't plan on overclocking. The stock fan with my CPU was pretty loud and the CPU ran a little warmer than I wanted. This cooler is massive and was a pain to put on, but it was definitely worth it. My computer is virtually silent now and the temps came way down.


Awesome motherboard. I was very pleased with the BIOS, although it did fight me a little when I installed linux on the 2nd drive, but nothing I couldn't figure out. A bit pricy but I was ok with that.


Low cost RAM that works as designed.


Got this drive dirt cheap on cyber monday. Did not use this drive for Windows, as I was a little concerned about quality. This is a great secondary drive for linux though. Ubuntu 14.04LTS boots 13 seconds after GRUB screen on this drive.


Primary drive. Running Windows 7 Pro, eventually I'll upgrade to 10. No complaints so far. Windows boots 16 seconds after GRUB screen (dual boot with Ubuntu).


This drive is very slow, even for a 5400RPM drive. Not used for anything critical, just long term storage so it'll be ok.


Excellent drive for the price. Great speed. Used for everyday files and some programs and does the job well.

Video Card

Mid-range build for light gaming, and this card is perfect for it. Not even pushing the card running 2 crap monitors that were free from work. Graphics look great though on both monitors and my TV. Overall great card for the price. Very quiet too. Only knock would be the fans are spinning more often than I think they should.


First part I picked out months in advance of the build, and in the end it was the only part I didnt change. Loved the orange color. Had heard complaints about cable management but it does the job quite well. For the price this is a phenomenal case. Only negative is the swastika fans on the front but oh well.

Power Supply

Great power supply for the cost. No complaints, very stable power output.

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  • 52 months ago
  • 2 points

R9 380 Isn't for light gaming lol. If you want a card for light gaming go with the 750ti OR R7 260X

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Great build but I think a little more cable management will help this look better ^ ^

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

nice +1

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Good looking build. +1

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Reds are built for NAS. Interesting choice

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Light gaming? It can easoly run GTA 5.