This was the culmination of 3 years of work. I'm very excited to have everything, and to finally own my first real computer! Last one was a Dell Inspiron that was as old as I am so it doesn't count. It took a while to build, but it was my first time. I spent a few hours scrambling for an M.2 standoff that I realized was right in front of me. But after all of it, I'm running it and I have no regrets! In Cities Skylines, which is really the only game I have right now, runs smoothly, with no frame dips at all, even when it has over 100 mods and 1200 assets. I plan on getting some CableMod cables and a new monitor in the near future as well.

Part Reviews


This is fantastic. I was able to get this bundled with the Wraith cooler for 170, which is terrific. Rips up Cinebench, and any other application you give it. For the price, it is amazing.

CPU Cooler

Meh. This is okay. I got it bundled with the 1700X, so it's not like I would have immediately chosen this. It runs a bit hot, 70c with no overclock, but I also screwed up the thermal paste application, and the paste was stock. If you want a lower profile cooler with RGB, it ain't a bad choice. Not my first though. Go with a Dark Rock 4 or h60 instead.


Asus delivers a solid motherboard oncemore. Good BIOS, looks nice, solid support, and the splash of RGB does not disappoint either. I/O could be better, but not a ton of issues.


It does it's job, and it does it well. It's speedy, and nice. The black, depending on the person looks great. I would have gotten Trident Z RGB now that I think about it, but that doesn't negate from these.


Wow. This is fast. Really fast. I'm trying to think of complaints, but I have none. Samsung obliterated the park on this one.

Video Card

Compared to other Vega cards, this is not the best option. But I was on a budget, and this was what I could afford. Compared to other blowers, I really like it. If you don't put it in a vertical mount, it's quite nice, but I find the air boost sticker to be tacky. Thankfully I don't see it. The Red MSI logo is nice, but I can't find out how to change the color, or even if I can. But my theme was already red, so not much complaining.


It looks nice, and is very understated. I like it, but the airflow configuration is not the best for my card, so I bought 2 extra fans. Front airflow is seriously restricted, but they made it work regardless. Nice Job, NZXT.

Power Supply

It's a Power Supply, not much to say. But on the topic, it's modular, always a plus, and has a pretty good warranty. I like it.

Operating System

I would have used Linux if it was not for the hardware restrictions I have. It's an OS, it does it's job.

Wireless Network Adapter

Looks pretty ugly and has a flimsy outside receiver that looks kind of terrible. I had to use this because I don't have Ethernet. If I did, this would not have been bought. Sad face for no Ethernet. :(

Case Fan

High quality, works well. 10/10 would buy again.


It sucks. I want to buy a new monitor but don't have the funds, so I am restricted with this. Really, buy a 1080p monitor with 144fps, not this!


Nice RGB, switches are good, and solid quality. Not much more to say.

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  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

The clever name +1

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

It would have worked better with Threadripper but the machine still has 16 threads.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

+1 for the Wraith.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

It's beautiful. How's the Vega 56 performing for you?

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

It's doing just fine. Doesn't get too loud, surprisingly. I have no complaints performance wise, hope to upgrade my god awful monitor to 1440p so I can see what the Vega can really do.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

You mention that you went with Windows instead of Linux because of hardware restrictions, what were those restrictions? I can't see anything here which would cause an issue with Linux

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

I heard... Middling reviews for the motherboard on Linux.

[comment deleted]
  • 12 months ago
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