Hello everyone,

I have never built or owned a PC before, but I decided it was time to jump on the train. What I decided to do was build a budget Ryzen build for the upgrade-ability in the coming years. I have been pleasantly surprised with what this little APU can do. I am getting pretty solid FPS on games from a couple years ago playing at 1080p (Rome: TW 2, Skyrim, Fallout NV) and getting around 55 FPS on Fortnite with epic draw distances and high texture details.

Building was fairly simple. I was lucky enough that everything worked right out of the box and didn't need a bios update to support Raven Ridge. All the parts fit together easy and look pretty rad in the Fractal case.

As an inexperienced PC builder, overclocking has been a nightmare. MSI Ryzen Master crashes my computer anytime I even use it, so everything was through the bios. However, on the latest bios MSI decided to remove the gfx overclocking feature for .....reasons. After a quick downgrade in bios, the gfx overclocking frequency option is available again. I reached a stable CPU overclock of 3.8 and gfx of 1550Hz. For now, I'm satisfied, but I'm sure I could squeak out more if I tried.

The next step will be to add one more case fan in the rear, an SSD, and continue to watch the GPU prices. I've got my eye on a GTX 1060 3/6gb.

Part Reviews


Excellent CPU for $77, couldn't have asked for more. This APU has handled everything I've thrown at it. The included CPU fan is decent and has allowed me to perform a mild overclock.


Its nothing in particular about the board itself, but rather the horrendous service I've received from MSI regarding the board. The newest version of bios removed the ability to overclock the gfx frequency. When I contacted MSI support, I was told that their boards never had this option, but its plainly on their previous bios versions. After a quick downgrade in bios version, I'm now able to OC.

The board itself is pretty sleek. The red LEDs add a nice touch. I wish it had more fan headers, but that's easily taken care of. Only 2 RAM slots, but for my purposes that's all I really needed.


RAM is RAM but this is fast RAM. Easily overclocked to 3200 in the bios. No problems at all.


The gold standard for mechanical drives. Slow but steady.


Excellent case. Easy to build in. As a first time builder, I found the instructions to be very lacking, however there are plenty of videos that show how to build in this case. The side panel is not glass, and scratches extremely easily, so keep that in mind. Overall though, excellent!

Power Supply

Good, cheap, semi-modular. Overkill by a long shot, but easy to work with.


Very impressed with this monitor. Colors are excellent! Perfect size to fit my small desk. Easily overclocked to 70hz through the Radeon settings as well. The bezel gives this a very profession, slick look.


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Nice build. Was about to get mad at 16 GB of ram before I saw the description. Is the motherboard small in the case?

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I'll admit, it is a tad small, especially without a graphics card to take up some space. I don't think it looks bad though, just not as full as some builds look