This is my first build and I don't think it could've gone more smoothly! I had the first builder stumbling around and it took me some time to figure out the AIO, but it's working great!

I'm using it for deep learning, CAD, and Adobe.

My CPU is currently 0.05v undervolted at 4.1ghz (pcpp refuses to update if it doesn't say).

I'm really loving these parts and am glad to really join the pc community!


I set the RAM to a light-dark green gradient. The fans on the AIO are set to alternating dark-light green to give a subtle breathing "alive" effect. Much like The Borg (hence the name).

Edit: I did my first photo edit on this machine today in Photoshop and it was fantastic. Everything loaded in under 10 seconds (including the program) and there was very little delay. I'll do some video editing this week and I hope the performance is the same. I was blown away.

Edit 2: (Even though no one will read it): The iCUE software sucks! I had to reinstall it 3 times just to get it to consistently recognize my hardware. Then the AIO lights wouldn't work with the software, so I had to reinstall it 2 more times! Corsair hurt an otherwise fantastic product range with it.

Unnecessary Edit 3: Got CPU to 4.2 ghz. Needed a little more voltage than I wanted, but it's okay. The system doesn't get loud all that often.

Part Reviews


8 cores and pretty good IPC!

CPU Cooler

Loud, but extremely effective. Installation was not very easy for me, though. (first time builder)


Some RGB and ample IO.


This memory is fantastic! Mine got to 3400mhz. Also, RGB.


Really fast; great as a scratch disk for Adobe.


Nice boot drive, decent capacity.

Video Card

Not the best thermally, but it has tensor and rt cores. It is tall, so make sure it fits if doing an SFF build.


Great case, only a couple minor complaints!

Power Supply

The cables are gigantic and hard to manage. It supplies power. Unfortunately, the plug on the back will not fully rest in the PSU, leading to random shut downs and losses of power. This hasn't happened at any important time (yet) but the best solution I came up with was just to support the cable with a large stack of Magic The Gathering cards.

It's the weak link in my PC, and I advise /everyone/ against it.


1440p looks fantastic at 23.8". On some panels, you may need to compromise on resolution to get 75hz, however.


This keyboard is fantastic. As a first mechanical, it's relatively cheap and no bling so you can just see the switches. I love it.


Nice speakers, but they lack any midtones in stock. Once the noaudiophile dsp corrections are used (a bit like an equalizer), they sound really good. They aren't the /best/ speakers, but may very well be the best price/performance.


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Hi mate,

Nice build nice component we almost have the same kingd of pc i sould recomend putting your aio in extract mode and your fan as intake it should get your system cooler and even quieter and a yeah icue is **** it crashes so many times.

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Would you recomend that liquid cooler with the Ryzen 2600x?

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Depends. I personally appreciate how quiet it is with the 2700X, but if you're getting the 2600X, You're probably a little more budget bound. I recommend an AIO. If you can afford it and your workloads are CPU bound so that you are not sacrificing GPU performance. For gaming, stick with a 212 Evo or something. A better GPU will deliver a better experience.

For workstation use, it makes the IPC limited Ryzen line more in line with intel through increased overclocking capability and drastically decreases noise.

General/gaming recommendation: no Workstation/noise sensetive recommendation: yes

And this is my first build, so take what I said with a grain of salt.

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thanks!, and btw, you should put a hulk pop mini figuir in your case :)

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I didn't think it would be an issue b/c all the other fans are intakes so there should be some positive pressure to cancel that out. The air around the exhaust fan is far warmer than that of the intake fan on the same side. Should I be concerned? I'm a noob here.

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