I had been considering upgrading from my 2009 macbook since about 2014, but I was never able to find an off-the-shelf option that seemed like a good value. I had ~heard~ of building a PC, but until a few months ago I figured it was only for gamers/only for people with $2000 to spend. I was looking for something that was: - Very small - Capable of running productivity, music production, and design software, preferably at the same time - <$700 for the PC

I ended up with a GPU-less mini ITX build and so far it is exactly what I was looking for! Endless thanks to PCPartPicker and r/buildapc for help with compatibility, reviews, etc. The build was a breeze and the machine is running like a dream so far!

No pictures of the inside because it's UGLY in there. Cable management inside of this tiny box is a serious struggle. I may upgrade to a more well-designed boutiquey mini ITX case at some point, but I really couldn't argue with the Elite 110 price.

Part Reviews


Only marginally more expensive than the 7500 so I jumped for it. I'm not really qualified to give it a technical review, but so far so good on all fronts. The stock cooler comes with thermal paste already on there!


The combination of only 1 PCI slot and no on-board wifi is a drag, but whatever. If I end up getting a graphics card at some point I'll have to also surrender a USB port to a wifi dongle. I wish the B150I would have been compatible with my CPU for that reason. Otherwise, the layout is great! No technical issues thus far.


Reasonably priced fast RAM. No beef thus far.


I can't wait til the price of SSDs comes down! I'm using this guy for booting and key applications; all other storage is going on the huge cheap HDD.


big hard drive! inexpensive! decent reviews! runs quiet. no issues so far.


I bought this because it was at the intersection of tiny (my #1 priority) and inexpensive (my #2 priority). Everything fit no problem, but cable management in this case is REAL HARD. Custom cables would make this thing's insides look great; without them this thing looks like a spaghetti disaster under the hood. I did my best with the 3 zip ties that it shipped with. I may go in and reorganize a bit at some point in the future. A few other things: 1. Stock fan seems fine. 2. No dust covers over the side vents, so if you've got critters at home you should probably buy some screens for the sides and back. 3. If you try to cram all of the extra PSU cables along the side it's a real pain to get the case closed, but with a few minutes of sweat and an extra pair of hands it works out. 4. My full-size ATX PSU technically fits, but it's r e a l l y difficult to access the MOBO stuff without taking it out.

Power Supply

This was a hand-me-down from a friend's build. He's a gamer with a big tower, so the size of this guy wasn't an issue for him. If you're building in a mini ITX, consider a smaller PSU!!

Wireless Network Adapter

it works! seems fast enough.

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  • 35 months ago
  • 2 points

Very dank.

  • 34 months ago
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Nice to see non-gaming builds on here +1

  • 34 months ago
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What temps are you getting?

  • 34 months ago
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Good question, I'm not sure how to check but I'll get back to you.