After months of saving and learning as much as I could about PC building, the day finally came to build a computer for the first time....and it was marvelous.

My goal was to build a computer that could run my two MMO's (FFXIV & WoW) without a hitch, along with The Sims, Cities: Skylines (CPU intensive), and a few other less demanding games with solid FPS.

This is that build!

As this was my first time building, I did come across a few obstacles, but in no way was it due to anything other than my own inexperience (i.e. cable management).

Every single part worked wonderfully.

My initial budget was $650.00, but I did decide to buy an SSD along with a HDD, a 1060 6GB instead of the 3 GB, and went with 2x8 instead of 2x4 of RAM. Took a while longer to get together, but I'm thinking it was worth it!

10/10 would recommend.

(Embarrassing side note: to help you fully understand how noobish I was to this whole process, I should tell you that I gave myself a heart attack when the time came to power this on for the first time. I only turned on the power supply and it completely slipped my mind to press the power button on the actual case itself. So please do not forget to do this like I did. You will end up believing you might have fried your MOBO or something. Not fun.)

Part Reviews


I plan on OCing after I do enough research and feel confident doing so, which was my sole reason for buying this CPU and the AB350M MOBO. Great price to performance choice!


I had to buy a fan splitter to connect the 3 fans in my case, so keep that in mind if you're considering this MOBO.


I almost couldn't afford a 2x8 kit, but these came on sale the week of Black Friday on Newegg so I jumped at them. I did need to adjust my RAM speed in the UEFI since the default had it reading 2133, but that was easy enough.


I am extremely happy I went with an SSD+HDD combo. It boots almost instantly and my OS is lightning fast! Do yourself a favor and believe the hype.

Video Card

I was adamant about buying the 1060, though the variations were a bit fuzzy for me. So after researching, I came to the conclusion that the 6gb was the real winner. Would have bought a single fan model, but the dual fan was on sale (yay me). It looks and runs wonderfully. Very quiet.


Of all the budget cases, this was by far the prettiest one. I absolutely loved building in this case. The filtered panels are a very nice touch. It came with zip-ties and the side panel space for cable management was great. I tried my best in that respect, but I'm sure others with more experience could do a better job. Definitely not the cases fault.

It came with two intake fans in the front, so I added my own 120mm fan in the back as an exhaust. I'll need to run some tests to see if this will be enough to keep the system running at decent temps. They run extremely quiet!

Power Supply

I went with Seasonic after some research and made sure it had good reviews. Went with fully modular and glad I did since cable management was an issue for me. Can't imagine what a non-modular would have been like...

Optical Drive

I opted for one, even though it's an eyesore. Had a ton of games on disks that I wanted to install.

Operating System

I'm not sure why it gets such a bad rep.... I, for one, find it very appealing to the eye and easy to work with. I did follow a few YouTube guides to optimize it for gaming and "stop" the tracking, etc. Installed this onto my SSD via USB through UEFI - USB for hella fast boot times and speed. Very happy so far.


The only thing I did not buy on Newegg (bought at BestBuy) since it was on sale. Love the back-lit keys, and excited to incorporate the G-keys into my rotation. I had an old basic Dell keyboard before this, so I'm still getting used to one specifically for gaming.


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Great build! The LED's give a nice breathing glow to the build and the modular cables look nice. That 520 watt PSU should give you plenty of overclocking headroom as well as an upgrade path to future purchases.

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Thank you!! That's good to know! I would definitely want to OC & upgrade in the future!

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I have Cities Skylines on my PC too, and I also have an EVGA 1060, and it runs so smooth! I hpe your enjoy your gaming with your rig!

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Yes, it does!! It's everything I could have hoped for :) thank you!

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Nice budget PC!! And I love your profile photo.. xD great movie.

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Haha thank you!! I just saw a resemblance :P

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What fan splitter did you use?

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pretty good specs.

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