Machine is primarily for gaming. Quiet, light and easy to carry to LAN events. Did a lot of research on the best MITX motherboard. All of the sites I viewed listed the MSI Z87I right up at the top or near the top at least. Some parts were purchased 2nd hand such as the RAM & GFX card. Both are still under warranty. Saved hundreds of dollars from buying them brand new. Waiting to save up to buy the Samsung EVO 840 500GB to replace the 750GB. It's a bit noisy and can hear it even over my GFX and CPU coolers. The H100i is so quiet! And cools very well. The Core i7 is overkill for a gaming PC, so I went the 4670K which I will be overclocking soon. Windows 8.1 boots in less than 5 seconds! I am into my desktop in under 10 seconds. Amazing speeds!

EDIT: Used MSI's OC Genie which automatically upped the CPU ratio to 40 which brought speeds to 4.0Ghz. No other config required. Might work on increasing it later. 3DMark 11 scored 9440 on the Performance Test.

EDIT#2: Since this post, I've upgraded the GFX card to a GTX970 and replaced the 750GB HDD with a 1TB Samsung EVO 860 SSD

Part Reviews


Nothing to complain about. Overclocks superbly especially with the MSI motherboards Tuning utility.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU very cool even under stress! I like the application settings where I can change the colour of the CPU header. If temps get above a certain amount I can set the colour to change. It's rather quiet too.


Love it! The wireless strength is exceptional. Strong signals with walls between router and motherboard. Fits perfectly in my Bitfenix Prodigy case.

Video Card

I can still play all my games on full graphics with this card and CPU. It doesn't get too loud either when in an intensive graphics game.


Awesome case. Fits the Corsair H100i CPU cooler on the top. This means that the top 5.25" drive does not fit. Comes with a 120mm fan on the front and back. The handles are useful as I carry this case around to LAN events.

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  • 69 months ago
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Does the motherboard come with wifi AND bluetooth or wifi only? is there any problems with the motherboard ? would you recommend it ?

  • 68 months ago
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Yes - Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card pre-installed

I did so much research on the best gaming MITX motherboard and this one was at/near the best of them tested. It even beat larger gaming motherboards. It also overclocks with ease using OC Genie. I just clicked the button and boom - 4GHz.