My first PC that I built without any help, mainly used for school, modest games like SMITE & CS:GO, and streaming.

Part Reviews


Definitely overkill for me, but I couldn't help myself. Works great and I didn't overclock because Ryzen's own software seems to work well.

CPU Cooler

My first AIO cooler. I used the stock fans from the case to make a push/pull config so thermals are great and I hardly hear any fans, the RGB was a nice touch too.


Best WiFi board I could find. I really wanted a clean looking build and needed WiFi, so I didn't want to stick a ugly green network card in there, so this was the best alternative for me. BIOS works fine, Mystic Light is kind of a pain to use though.


Great memory, overclocked them to 3200Mhz at 1.4V but didn't change the CAS or anything because I'm relatively new to this.


Not as fast as the 970 Evo but what do you expect for $130.00, still works great and saves me some sata cables.

Video Card

In hind sight, not sure why I bought this card, I think I just bought into the hype, but nonetheless it works great. Hopefully some more games come out that support ray tracing so I can actually make it worth the money.


Great case, love the PSU shroud, I just wish the front panel was also white, I might just spray paint it. Air flow is great and is the main reason I chose this over the H500.

Power Supply

EVGA is a classic, no complaints.

Case Fan

$50 a fan is pretty overkill, but hey they look great and super quiet.

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  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey man can you post more photos. Like where I can be able to see the front of the case, side, and inside. I will be using the same cpu cooler, case, and the Corsair fans I just want to see how it will look like with the rest of my things. Thanks in advance

[comment deleted]
  • 11 months ago
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Yeah, I flashed the BIOS and I installed the usual driver's, all of which you can find on MSI's website