I wanted to build a computer that could handle some of the newer games and also be able to do regular web browsing. I had help from a friend on editing a part list I found online and then changed some of the parts around myself. The power supply I choose with this allows me to expand a little if I ever wanted to but I currently don't have major plans on expanding my current build. I might upgrade to a SSD later for faster loading and saving on games but I'm not currently sure.

UPDATE-So far no problems everything runs smoothly.

Part Reviews


Fast CPU that is great for multitasking and playing games.


Installed easily and had everything I needed for cheap


cheap RAM that is great for running games.


Works just fine although there are other hard drives that are cheaper.

Video Card

Super silent fans and displays amazing graphics


Great case that gets the job done with plenty of room.

Power Supply

Fan is very silent and works just as intended.

Optical Drive

Somewhat noisy when using but gets the job done.

Operating System

good thingy


Keys are very loud and when I bought it one of them keep sticking. Your better off spending a few more dollars on a regulaur keyboard

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