I use this pc for gaming and occasionally school work when my 2 core macbook can not handle sketch up for school.

I am planing on purchasing some quieter fans and cpu cooler as they are very loud. I regret not buying a more powerful psu as i can not overclock and it also runs a little loud, that is also something I am also looking to upgrade when I have the money.

Case I like the look good for cable management. Only comes with one fan and its loud.

Keyboard I built my pc and realised I that my keyboard used the same wireless receiver as my mouse so I bought this. Don't care about my keyboard too much $4 dollars from officeworks and it works. might get a new keyboard just for the looks and I use my whole arm when I game so want a smaller keyboard.

Part Reviews


Works well for what I need it for and in a couple years I will upgrade to a zen 2 cpu.


Overkill for the cpu but good for upgrades in the future. didn't know it had rgb.


Looks nice. Running at 3000 Mhz, don't know much about ram overclocking so I don't know how fast I can get it on this motherboard (if you know tell me please).

Video Card

Very nice was planning on getting a 4g model for $240 but they ran out of stock (once again did not know it had rgb)

Power Supply

Probably not enough power and can not overclock because it already runs hot and loud.


Wanted a 27" so I could watch movies from my bed it was $60 second and it works perfectly


I used to use a Logitech Mx5500 to game on but the receiver broke and instead of replacing the receiver I purchased this mouse and it has made me fall in love with steel series mouses. So I will upgrade to a better steel series mouse later on.


Borrowed it of my friend for months and he wanted it back to sell it but I said that I will buy it. It works perfect.


I don't always like using headphones these were 23 on sale enough said. They do have good sound quality.

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  • 14 months ago
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Nice build mate, for overclocking your ram I suggest you look at the motherboard website to see what the fastest memory is supported, but if you cannot find anything I don't think you should overclock it higher than 3400mhz. See if you can do it through the bios as well. Happy gaming :)

  • 14 months ago
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Also I might also say you might have not needed the gpu as the cpu might bottleneck it, that means that it would slow the gpu down in order for the cpu to work well with it. Thanks for the build I was looking to use some of these parts as I have the same needs as you.

  • 14 months ago
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It will do a slight bottleneck on the gpu but you will still get pretty good preformance so its ok I think,,better solution would be rx 570 but 580 is 580 :D .