So this was my first real Gaming Rig, after waiting all summer long my Parents finally let me buy it (I was 13...). It originally cost about 1500€ because they didn't trust me building it, which meant I had to get an i5 instead of an i7 which is still haunting me to this day because of the bad performance. Since I had to pay 100€ for it to be constructed I cannot give you any information about building it.

What kinda dissapointed me was the shotty build quality of the Corsair 780T, it has large panel gaps, it is mostly made from plastics exept the sidepanels, the window is cheap acrylic, the front USB ports wiggle around a lot. It is also a Full Tower so it turned out to be way larger than what I anticipated.

It's a good PC and I'm planning on selling it late 2020 or sometime 2021.

The Space Bar is gone because I spilled water and instead of letting it dry out I removed the spacebar and dried the switch and the spacebar with a hairdryer, of course the Hairdryer deformed the space bar so it would no longer fit on the Keyboard. I just used a spare key and it was weird at first but no it doesn't even bother me now. A new space bar is being shipped from America currently so in a few weeks a have a new one 4

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

The Pump failed on me once so I had to ship it back, I got a new one. I works fine but sometimes the fans aren't and the pump aren't detected by iCUE but it keeps my i5 @4.5 GHz nice and cool and in Winter it works great to heat my room. I have to say the AiO looks fantastic


A very beatiful Motherboard and great support, the MemOK! Button saved *** and made XMP working and the App is a great tool I've used a couple times when overclocking ****** up


It's an average SSD although you should go with something that actually has 500GB since this only offers real usable space of 450GB

Video Card

Its a great GPU that performs really well and for me stays cool and quiet


Start with the positive aspects:

  • The Case looks spacey and it's unique
  • It looks modern and cool and unique with it's striking angles but at the same the look is not too over the top
  • Good Cable Management
  • Lots of Space (You can mount a radiator + fans directly above the motherboard
  • Custom Water cooling support
  • Lots of Storage options
  • Removable Dust filters
  • Thumb Screw PCIe Covers
  • Latched Side Panels that are easily removable
  • Magnetic Side Panels (They're attached with a latch to the case but the Side panel is made from metal so you can stick magnets and such on it)
  • Sturdy

Now the Negative Parts:

  • Build Quality is lacking and bad
  • Quite Big Panel Gaps
  • The main body is made from plastics/cheap material
  • The side panel is acrylic glass
  • No PSU Cover, you can see all the cables (- It is way to big for a normal ATX Motherboard and subsequent PC)
  • The dust filters feel kinda cheap
  • It has good looks but the quality is also lacking
  • The front I/O USB ports can wiggle and shift when you plug something into it that somehow puts strain on the USB port (Like one of those Laptop USB Fan Clocks - just google USB Fan clock you'll find what I mean)
  • It is quite costly and offers not that many special features like wireless charging that similarly priced cases might offer
  • It has no noise insulation at all
  • The front fans owe resemblance to a swastika

In conclusion: Don't buy this case if you build a standard ATX, never buy this case regardless since it is outdated and much cooler Cases are now available (Crystal 460X, 570X etc.)

Power Supply

Its a solid PSU, not very special it's not particulary loud and I've not had any problems with it whatsoever

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  • 7 months ago
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where the **** is that space bar?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7 months ago
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I was gonna write the same thing!!!

  • 7 months ago
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Sooooo I can explain. Chill out.

Once upon a day I drank a bottle of water infront of my PC when I spilled it, then the Spacebar didn't work and instead of waiting I tried to dry with a Hairdryer, which was way too hot and deformed the spacebar so I couldn't reattach it, but another one is currently being shipped from America. Tl;dr I spilled water tried to dry it with a Hairdryer, spacebar deformed -> broken

  • 6 months ago
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bruh moment

  • 6 months ago
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