First build here and looking to pay it forward because I definitely benefited a great deal from this site.

I decided building my own PC may be the route I should go after buying dual monitors for my wife and I to hook our work laptops up to on the sporadic days either of us get to work from home (maybe 2 or 3 days a month). The increase in productivity (and sanity saved) was well worth it.

Obviously seeing those two screens sit around unused for so much of the time got me thinking about putting them to better use. The only non-work computer we own is a very old dell laptop that was essentially useless, so no real point in hooking that up. We decided buying another laptop didn't make much sense given our smart phones, tablet, and 2 work laptops. After spending hours looking into which tower I wanted nothing really fit the bill, which led me to this wonderful site...

After putting in an ungodly amount of time watching build videos, reading articles and guides, and crawling around this site, I decided on the part list you see here. The criteria I used for my selections:

1) I wanted better quality parts than what's found in pre-built towers. I really don't see the point of building your own PC with a cut-rate motherboard and $20 PSU.

2) Somewhat tied to #1, I wanted a future upgrade path.

3) I'd like to do a little light gaming (seriously just talking HoTS and Overwatch here, and those probably only 8 hours/month)

4) I'm never moving my dvd/bd collection again. It's a modest size, although with my music I doubt 2TB is going to hold me over for very long, but it's a good start. Obviously the optical drive is for ripping said collection.

5) I've never owned a PC with an SSD and I had to see what all the buzz was about. I'm a believer.

Part Reviews


So I'll admit, I ended up with this guy because I couldn't get my hands on a G4560 in a timely manner. I'm looking at it as paying $30 for a .2GHz overclock. I know, I know, a 6% performance boost for $30 is a small fraction of what that money could have gotten me in a better GPU, but I honestly doubt I'll ever take full advantage of the 1050 Ti as it is.


Has everything you'd want in a current mobo. BIOS was easy to navigate even for a newbie like me. All the connectors made pretty logical sense. The tiny LED strip running down the left is kinda awkward, definitely leaves you with an "is that supposed to be there?" impression.


Fast RAM from a reputable brand. Will pick up another stick when it's needed.


Very impressed with the speeds this guy has given me. Price seemed a little steep but all SSD's seem to be crawling up a bit.


7200RPM, 6 Gb/s, 64MB Cache all at a decent price. Noise hasn't been an issue for me (granted my fans are on the louder side) nor has heat.

Video Card

Got this at a pretty good deal. No additional power is needed outside of the slot, making for easier cable management and less power consumption (obviously). Will be more than enough for the light gaming I (rarely) do.


Well, the price, size, and reviews were right on this one but there are definitely some shortcomings. The front intake area is pretty small and unfiltered, I imagine I'll need to stay on top of my clean outs more than usual. I do like that it is light weight, but my goodness I feel like I could fold the side panel end on end without much trouble at all. The 'back' side panel only has a tiny bit of space for cable management. I do like the 2 usb 3.0 front ports and what seems to be great air flow.

Power Supply

My only regret of this build. It's clearly way more wattage than I'll ever need with this current setup and it's well above anything I'd need for the logical upgrade path. I'll admit I went with this model because the 500W was out of stock and rather than putting in the time to find a better replacement, I just said screw it. Ideally, I would have prioritized a higher certification rating over the additional wattage.

Optical Drive

It's loud but it does what it's supposed to do. Most importantly it's not riplocked. Also saved me $10ish bucks by being able to go with Win10 on a disk.

Case Fan

Only using two of the four pack. About as basic of a fan as you can get. Still quieter than most pre-built towers' fans. Would have preferred 4-pins for easier controlling.

Case Fan

Cheap and they spin. I wanted 140's on the front because the intake on this case is so cut off. Again would have preferred 4-pins obviously.

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  • 37 months ago
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  • 37 months ago
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Neat and clean, just the way I like it

  • 26 months ago
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I really like the choice of the CPU and the GPU combination. But that's not all, you found a good case that compliments the build itself (kinda like this comment) and the fact the cables that are from a non-modular PSU look amazing just makes it look that much better.

Noice job.

  • 17 months ago
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Winning the name olympics.