I always wanted to build a PC of my own, especially after browsing through some of the awesome ones here on pcpartpicker. There is some many unique ones here that inspired me to start researching and browsing parts for my own build.

I've always been a bit skeptical and nervous to jump the gun, but after researching and learning about the process for quite some time, I decided to pull the trigger. Seeing that most of the parts are available on Amazon, I knew that I wanted to buy everything from there. It was convenient due to Amazon Prime and if something goes wrong, return process is quite simple.

I set myself a budget of $1,500 for the entire setup (this included the PC, a new desk, all peripherals needed, etc.).

Putting the parts together was fairly straight-forward and very satisfying. The only minor frustrating part I found was cable management & connections. But, after I got everything plugged in the correct connections, the rest of the cable management was a breeze.

I was very satisfied when the PC booted-up on the 1st try, and everything else from there went smoothly.

I use this PC for many things such as gaming, watching movies/TV shows, music, web-browsing, work, etc. So far, everything is working smoothly and haven't seen any issues whatsoever.

All opinions, suggestions, and criticism welcomed.

**EDIT: I'll eventually upload a few more photos of the complete setup.

Part Reviews


This was an easy choice for me given the specs and my price range. The CPU is very fast and can handle all my PC needs and requirements. I do plan on OC'ing it sometime down the road (will need a new CPU cooler as well).


Great MOB for the price. It's very easy to work with and looks great. No issues so far.


It's memory! It does it's job just fine and I haven't seen any issues yet.


Great inexpensive M.2 nvME SSD. It's quite fast and Windows boots up lighting quick.


Nothing fancy here - just your typical HDD for a great price.

Video Card

Excellent GPU! It can handle pretty much all major games at 1080p. Currently playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and averaging 100+ FPS on high settings.


This is a very aesthetically pleasing case. It looks great and comes with some nice RGB effects. It has plenty of room and is very easy to work with. My only 2 things that I did not like was that it only comes with 1 pre-installed fan and has 3-PIN RGB connection, while most MOBs come with 4-PIN. This meant I could not control the case RGB via MOB, but it does come with 2 buttons on the front for easy lighting effect changes.

Power Supply

Great semi-modular PSU. Has plenty of juice for my setup.


Very pleased with this 1080p monitor. Physically looks great and picture quality is excellent.


Great keyboard and has some very nice RGB effects.


It's a nice gaming mouse, but a bit bulky for my hands. Hopefully I'll adjust and get used to it. RGB effects are a nice touch and work great.

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  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Pretty good for 1.200$ i guess :) I just wonder how do you connect the front pannel ? I have some struggles with this case ..

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! The PC itself was ~$900 (as this is what most people consider for builds), but entire setup was a little over $1,300.

If you're referring to how to take the front panel off - you just pull the top and bottom of the panel (similar in most cases).

If you're referring to the front panel cable connections, I just followed the quick setup guide that was included. The case/panel RGB is not actually connected to the MOB, just to the PSU via molex. As I mentioned in my review, the case comes with a 3-PIN RGB connection, but my MOB has 4-PIN (as most MOBs). This meant I cannot control the RGB via the MOB or software, but this was not a big deal for me as the RGB can be controlled with the 2 buttons located on the front panel.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice PC as your first. Only thing I could complain about are the fans. If it were me, I'd relocate the vanilla Phanteks fan to the rear and swap it with the RGB fan for better cohesion.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I currently have 4 fans; 2 working as intake & 2 as exhaust. The stock Phanteks fan & 1 of the pccooler RGB fans are in front working as intake, and the other 2 RGB fans are working as exhaust, located in rear and 1 on top. I was considering replacing the stock fan with another RGB, but seems to be doing its job fine for now.