My first build, used entirely for gaming. Coming from a Macbook Pro that I simply connected to my two-monitor array, Crystal is a major step up in reliability and speed. I do not play any high load games, but I am sure this computer could handle them. I haven't had any hardware issues (but windows is a pain XD) - would highly recommend all parts used!! With this in mind, when reading my part reviews, note that all of them are excellent, and I focused more on aesthetics and assembly** when writing them.

Other Parts Not Listed (so I don't make this a crazy-expensive build, but I still recommend):

Also worth noting - the MSI Graphics card I used is the 100ME edition - there is a nearly identical one available in red, that is much easier to obtain.

**The only thing about my build that was at all problematic was actually assembling things - this is a small case and big parts. As I was a complete novice when making this, that did certainly present a challenge. If you choose to use this as a guide for your own build, I would highly recommend getting a plan together on the order and method you plan to use to get all the stuff into the case. I address this issue on a more part-by-part basis in my reviews.

Part Reviews


Excellent performance - 'nuff said.

I have not overclocked at all, so I have no statement regarding functionality on that.

CPU Cooler

Nice fan, does it's job very well. Dead silent.

A bit challenging to assemble, but that is probably me being a computer-building noob though - if you're new to this, you should probably read the directions on this.


Excellent product, certainly a bit overpriced for the functionality though. Wifi integration is amazing, and I have had no issues.

Careful putting it into your case though - my case is very tight around the external interface bay, and the plastic cover over that made it challenging to set properly into my case. Once it's in though, it looks fabulous and is highly functional.


It's good, looks cool. 'nuff said.

Video Card

Very very nice, I certainly do not use this device to it's potential (don't think I've ever even had the fans kick on). Looks and performs great!


Amazing case - a little on the smaller side, so careful planning when putting things into it is an absolute must. Otherwise amazing, glossy look straight out of Aperture Science. (Portal, anyone?)

Seriously though make sure you have a plan when assembling - there is no extra room.

Power Supply

Superb quality PSU, the modular functionality is great if you want a clean looking build. Very quiet (if not overloaded).

It is quite large and heavy (as it should be), so if you're a noob like me and didn't already know this - plan out when and how you are getting this guy into your case.

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