Mostly used for uni work and other productivity related stuff but often used for gaming. Case isn't fantastic for airflow but looks pretty and manages cables well. Microphone is fantastic. HiFi audio setup is crisp, clear, and loud. Dual 21:9 monitors from LG are sick for productivity and gaming, not to mention watching films.

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Good little case, fits in most of what you'll need with some room to spare, good options for managing cables and keeps everything mostly tidy with relative ease. Airflow from the front kinda sucks, things do get a little hot inside but if you set your fan speeds right this shouldn't be an issue. Make sure your motherboard has an RGB header or you'll need to buy a separate RGB controller.


Fantastic monitor, especially for the price. 29" is a comfortable size, not too big for a desk, especially in places where space is limited (e.g. student halls). If you're coming from using 2 screens I would highly recommend buying two of these, you'll often find that one just doesn't have enough space for a dual-16:9 workflow. Make sure you mount one above the other for the best experience and space management.


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need more pics.

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I'll be sure to add some soon