I wanted a small form factor pc as they do not take a lot of space but I wanted it to be versatile anyway. It will be mostly used for coding and gaming. Despite its little dimensions, this case offers a lot of space to had more storage (SSDs or HDDs) if needed and is really good looking with the violet LEDs on the noctua cooler. With the 200 mm fan on the front and the NH-U9S, there is more than enough air flow to run under 40°C in idle. Great little guy for my use.

Part Reviews


The 6 cores/12 threads are a real pleasure to work with.

CPU Cooler

Easy to install and do the work without noise. Will maybe add another fan to have the push/pull effect.


The integrated wifi module is useful and the usb-c connector on the back is a plus. There are an adressable RGB connector and a RGB connector, pretty rare on the mITX MoBo.

Video Card

Works well but the minimum fans speed is 44 %, and that's a lot. Need to do some research to maybe flash the bios to lower that limit.


Simply perfect. Small but well organized with a lot of space for storage and the available space for the gpu is also a good point.

Case Fan

Works perfectly without noise. BUT the small soft pieces of plastic to fix it to the case didn't fit in the holes so I had to use the screws of the stock fan.


Works perfectly. The 4 usb ports (2 usb 2 and 2 usb 3) are useul and easy to use with the usb-c connection to the MoBo's back.


Under 15 bucks, nothing fancy and do the job perfectly. Works directly with ASRock PolyChrome Sync.

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  • 9 months ago
  • 2 points

I had a similar issue with my old EVGA GTX 1060. I think their was a bios update that allowed it run at zero percent under idle. I would try googling your issue and see what you can find.

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi, I tried the good old method with gpu-z, nibitor and nvflash but sadly nibitor (v6.06) can't read bios of generation GeForce 16 so maybe I'll try contact MSI support directly.

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Have you found a solution for the fans being at 44% for the GPU??