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by Qyc



CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

34.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

59.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

25.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

73.0° C


My build is now OCed, the GPU is in the correct position, and cable management has been tidied up. Also, I have a Hyper 212 Evo in there now.

This is my first build, I think it's pretty good for a first build out of a 14 year old. If you any suggestions, just post in the comments.

A quick explanation:

So for Christmas, I got the CPU from my brother, and the GPU, HDD and mobo from my parents. So before you trash me about Oh you should have gotten an 7970, they are soooo much better! Just stop and don't say anything.

Without further ado: Why I chose my parts.

CPU- Read a whole bunch of reviews on this CPU, seemed absolutely amazing. Once my Evo comes in I'll overclock it. (Anyone know of a good guide on how to do that?) Cooler- Good price, hasn't come yet. so I don't know anything else about it

Motherboard- People have recommended this board to me, I don't know much about mobos other than features, so I went with this, works great so far.

HDD: Parents got it for me, I don'tr really care, I won't use up a terabyte for awhile, and when I do I'll have enough money to buy a new HDD/SSD

Video Card- Aboslutely amazing. My god. It plays BF3 on max settings at 60FPs. Just beautiful.

Case- Looks amazing, was great for my first build, the fans that come with it are surprisingly quiet as well.

Power Supply- Was on sale for 75$, so I snapped it up. The flat cables are look absolutely amazing. The cables weren't stiff or too short, so it's great.

Monitor- Black Friday deal (got it before this computer) I'm not sure about the model number though, so... you know. It looks amazing.

Keyboard- I love this thing, it sounds amazing, looks great, and feels great.

Mouse- I don't know why some people don't like Razer products, because I got this for 50$ and it's absolutely amazing.

And a big thanks to Apropo, he helped me awhile back, he probably doesn't remember. XD

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pcbuilder 6 points 58 months ago

Nice! I would like to compliment you on your cable management compared to other builds I've seen. Might help if your pictures weren't sideways.

stoutfiles 1 Build 4 points 58 months ago

Not bad, the lack of a SSD is a bad oversight though.

Words that you can use to describe parts instead of just "amazing": astonishing, awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful

Qyc submitter 1 Build 2 points 58 months ago

I'll be getting an ssd when I have enough money, I only had 300$ to finish my build.

IamApropos 3 Builds 3 points 58 months ago

Hello there builder. I will start by saying great build. You did a good job on your cable management. Your GTX 670 card is absolutely amazing and competes with many 680s so I wouldn't worry about anyone saying anything about a 7970 since the increase if any in performance is margainal. Also you picked great solid parts. There is one slight thing I noticed in your build, that is your Graphics card is in the wrong slot. If you access your motherboard manual, which you should always do when you build a computer, ( I downloaded it just for you ) 1-21 / 1-22 indicates that the top PCI-E 3.0 slot is the only slot that runs as 16x and you wont get full performance out of your GPU unless you run it in that slot.

I see a lot of people trying to install their GPU on lower PCI slots and I just can't figure out why. I hope your system works great for you for a very long time. Happy Gaming.

edman545 10 Builds 3 points 58 months ago

I agree. Look at the back of the board, the 2nd and 3rd x16 slots are only soldered half way (8x). It is also only pci express 2.0. You definitely want to move that card up if you want maximum performance out of the system you paid for. I tested a HD 7750 on 8x vs 16x and it made a difference even on that lower end card.

Qyc submitter 1 Build 0 points 58 months ago

I moved it right before you said that, I moved it because I thought I would block the Sata ports, but it doesn't so now it is in the correct spot.

Smily 3 points 58 months ago

We had that build a while back that defied gravity and stuck to the ceiling, this one defies gravity in another direction and stays on the wall. Impressive.

CheesyHotDogPuff 2 points 58 months ago

Gotta love that hockey hall of fame mousepad. Great cable management, especially from a 14 year old, but I think you may see a small bottleneck from the fx-6300.

Qyc submitter 1 Build 2 points 58 months ago

Haha yeah, that mouse pad has served me well. I don't play many CPU intensive games, so I don't think it will be that much of a problem, especially if I can find out how to overclock.

ClassicCupcake 2 points 58 months ago

Nice build!

JForce522 2 Builds 2 points 58 months ago

I'm fourteen too, and this is a great build! From what I've heard, Razer has some sketchy Terms of Service with their mandatory driver software. I was looking at that mouse for my potential build until I realized the Logitech G400 is cheaper.

TestBuilds 2 points 58 months ago

Asus GPU... I love Asus!

Xinverse 2 points 58 months ago

Good build but don't moan at me for the following:

You said it yourself, the 7970 costs the same/less and is currently as good as the GTX 680. Better yet, you could've gone with a 7950 which is the equivalent of a GTX 670 and then used the extra money for the i5-3570K but considering about how you got a part from different family members, it's a good build. Although - I probably would've asked for money myself and then ordered the parts yourself.

Xinverse 2 points 58 months ago

P.S. Get some Blue LEDs, they look great with the case!

AlexLive 2 points 58 months ago

Great build! However, no SSD is a bit disappointing. If you can save up $100, go get a Crucial m4 128GB (+ TransferKit) or something in that range. Even comes with an adapter to transfer all the files from your HDD to the SSD.

Don't worry, a GTX 670 is close enough to a HD 7970.

Qyc submitter 1 Build 1 point 58 months ago

Hmm. I guess my phone flipped the pictures.

brigittebeau 2 Builds 1 point 58 months ago

What is that CPU cooler?

Qyc submitter 1 Build 2 points 58 months ago

The stock one.

Xareh 4 Builds 0 points 58 months ago

Thumbs up from me if I'm honest.

Teejers 2 Builds 0 points 58 months ago

I'm a huge fan of the Bitfenix and Fractal Design cases. I love their look and the features they offer so I'm definitely jealous of your Shinobi (window) case.

Nice build.

[comment deleted]