Back to AMD after 10 years with Intel, the Ryzen 5 2600x was a good choice for the performance and price. I have bought the ASROCK B450M PRO4 for cheap then decided to upgrade to ASROCK B450M STEEL LEGEND , more expensive but worth it , the only feature missing in this mobo is the wireless but real gamers uses RJ45 , other than that the mobo is beautiful, with a lot of RGB and FAN connexions , VRAM is amazing and Bios is smooth. RAM is G.SKILL TRIDENT 3200 16GB, shows 2133 by default but was able to push to 3200 with bios , fast and beautiful. GPU bought a GIGABYTE RTX 2070 and returned after 1 week when it start dying , so put back my 1070 until AMD announcement or geforce patch for ddr6 issue , was tempted to get a Nitro+ VEGA 64 to match my CPU but finally decided to hold on for New generation AMD GPU. The case is a CORSAIR 280X , large and heavy , with 3 tempered glasses and easy cable management and :
!! YES , YOU DON'T SEE WRONG!!! THE GPU IS MOUNTED VERTICALLY using a vertical mount and SKILLS the actual card is large but does not affect the cpu or air circulation , it was more beautiful with my white RTX2070 but it still great ! the CPU Cooler is a DEEPCOOL , run 29c at idle and 50c on load with cpu stock , i know i can get better results if i turn the gpu to a normal mount ( -5c ) but who cares about the difference. the front and bottom fans are intake while the upper fan are exhaust, i will be adding another 80mm fans in the back of the case ( exhaust ) the GPU fans are a bit close to the side glass and i suspect the hot air to be pushed inside the case ( runs at 71c under load : apex legend 1080 at 144hz using a displayport 1.4), will give you an update on that. THE HDD runs hot so placed an order for a M.2 heatsink , i hope it will help to cool down

added 2x 80mm fans @ back of the case to make a better air circulation , see the fan at the bottom of the case what is attached at the pci slots! that one will push out the air coming from the gpu and it works

other than the GPU , the build is now complete.

Part Reviews


amazing performance and great price ! welcome home babe!

CPU Cooler

runs cool, beautiful and easy to install. the RGB is amazing , the cpu temp dropped . The corsair 280x case is know for air limitation so this cooler is installed on top and push air outside the case. the pump is huge btw


runs 3200 with asrock steel legend , the software is not great , sometimes the grb does not turn on cause software not started on windows startup. other than that, the rgb colot option are amazing


yep! this is a cheap M.2 but for the price it still runs 4 faster than ssd.


run fast and used to stock my game install and VR games too.


cons: heavy , wide , air limitation using the filter , this case need to be redesigned, the back has grill but you cannot put a 120mm fan , the bottom has room for a fan ( or 2 ) depending how you install your gpu but the filter is so close to the ground and need a booster to make a fan usefull. get a windex with the case .

Case Fan

not bad ( 59$ ) compared to corsair 129$ push air but but air direction is not clear , had to turn them for intake, the fans turns left ( opposite air circulation )


my old 1080 144hz , was good and still good , bright colors and amazing for gaming


well done Kaislin, you make my dream comes true, had to cut the bracket metal and my case to put everything together , now it hold well.


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nice build! Really like that cooler, the lighting effects that you have look amazing!

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