I Built this machine for Gaming and livestreaming with some lite video editing in mind

Building it was decently easy and i didnt have any problems with the components

i set two of the cougar votex fans to the front for intake and powering them with two molex power connectors

the third votex fan is on the top front mounting area with intake as well

the Corsair H80i is mounted at the rear as exhaust and works wonders for the FX-8350 and i overclocked it to 4.3GHz

the Asus GTX 770 4GB is a monster at 1080p games and i overclocked it to 1240Mhz on the core and 7400Mhz on the Memory

the motherboard is decent although i wish i went with a better one but for $84 im not complaining

the RAM is great planning on upgrading to 16GBs soon though

Love the SSD its fast and stable

I went with a 2.5" HDD for many reasons, its smaller and takes up less space with the way hard drives are mounted in the case

the Power Supply is awesome when i first got it a storm came in and surged my houses power and it broke the PSU but it was within 30 Days at tiger direct so i got a replacement for free

I got the TP-LINK wireless card because of travel

I love the ViewSonic Monitor its nice 1080p 60Hz and just the right size for me and great price point

i got the mouse and keyboard because they are both wireless and i use a Xbox 360 Controller for gaming

I love the Logitech G930 Headset its nice, wireless, surround sound, great battery life, and works really well

The case i picked up because i dont care for the aesthetics or noise i care about airflow and price

i named it The Live Cougar after the case manufacturer and the R4 is Revision 4 because ive changed a lot of the parts since the original build

And thats about it!


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Hey dude thanks for posting pics I doing a similar build to you except I'm doing an AMD gpu and I really wanted to do a water cooler but I had know idea of a water cooler would fit inside of the case well at least as 240mm cooler (basically two 120mm next to each other). You don't know how happy this makes me.

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