This is my first build and i have wanted to build a pc for a while, I've just never had the money or knowledge. But, after promising myself i would, i did it.

PARTS: CPU: Got one off ebay for £50 cheaper than amazon and it performs well and is pretty cool when running.

CPU cooler: Works well and looks nice but mounting was a pain and the thermal paste came in a packet. Who's idea was that?

Mobo: Works, looks nice, has plenty of connectors and the debug leds are a nice touch.

Memory: Nice colouring and fast speed.

GPU: Nice colouring and works great, very quiet

Storage: Works.

Case: Its alright but the psu shroud leaves no space for cables and the cutouts are in slightly odd places. Its still nice tho and it has two fans (one led)

PSU: Nice, the cables are a pain in the a* tho and are always just too short.

Disc drive: Works, bit noisy.

Thanks for reading.

(Cat for scale)

Part Reviews


Runs games well and keeps up even though its only 2.7 ghz and can be overclocked using some neat tricks, I got mine to 4.4 ghz through a modded z170 bios

CPU Cooler

Fan is hard to put on but keeps the CPU at a nice 27°c


Has some nice features and is possible over clock a non k cpu on (with hacked bios). Is an ugly brown color but its kind of hard to see with cards and fans covering it


Faster than a hard drive, but fills up quite quickly

Video Card

runs quiet, looks nice and was the cheapest 480 8GB on the market. its a shame that it doesn't have rgb or a back plate though. Would highly recommend


Some cable management is possible but it does its job and looks great with white LEDs and fans

Power Supply

Stock cables are annoying but a good unit for the price

Optical Drive

Loud but works fast

Operating System

Probably the best windows I've used

Wireless Network Adapter

Hasn't lost signal yet and can download at full speed, must have for anyone unable to use Ethernet


Being able to control them through a separate PCI slot is nice but they are about 20 cm too short to reach round the case, but they look great and provide lots of light


Only £12 and works excellent, DPI controller works great and blue LEDs are a nice touch

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  • 25 months ago
  • 2 points

You OCed by 1.7GHz on a LOCKED CPU?? And it's stable!?

Holy ****..

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build how did you get that ram for that cheap?

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

EBay, got it in an auction new

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh ok

  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

Update on the WiFi adapter?

  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

Pretty good. It'll drop signal once in a while but i just unplug it and slot it back in. Its good value for the money