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Solitude - First Build

by ninjustice


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Date Published

Nov. 6, 2016

Date Built

Oct. 7, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

3.2 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

25.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

50.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.14 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.01 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

21.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

30.0° C


Hey! After about 2 years if making parts lists on this site, I FINALLY built a pc. Old pc was on its last legs (4 years old, A6-5400k, hard drive had seizures every time it had to do something) and I needed a new pc for game dev, gaming, media consumption, etc. With the new graphics cards and whatnot coming out there were a few weeks of amazing prices for parts which I took full advantage of. Got a refurb hybrid evga 970 for only $180! I can't even hear it, although occasionally the blower on the card will go super saiyan and just run at full speed for no reason.

This plays every game in my steam library (including GTA V and Chivalry) at max settings, every bar and option set to the very top, at a smooth 60 fps. But ugh screen tearing! I was considering getting an rx 480 and freesync monitor just to get rid of the awful screen tearing in games like civ 5 and gta 5, butI don't game enough to make it worth it.

No pictures of average cable management behind case because it's average and it's a pain to put that panel back on :P

I love this pc and everything about it. It is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing, except adding another ssd in the future. Do your research and you too will have a perfect pc :)

Named after my favorite game of all time, Skyrim.

Part Reviews


Does what I need it to do, runs every game fine. Stock cooler is stuck at full speed for some reason. Great cpu, highly recommend.


Has every feature I need it to have, plenty of usb. However I could not connect the front panel audio, which isn't a huge deal because I don't use it anyways. Also there's an orange light constantly flashing, but other than that it works as advertised. Stays 25-40C.


It seems I've won the silicon lottery with this one - performing in the 96th percentile right out of the box. Ram is ram, though, and this ram works well.


Insanely fast. 6 second boot. Loads everything in seconds. I don't think I could ever go back to an hdd as my main drive! I have everything important on here and I still have 70 gigs free. Another great part about having an ssd is that it's perfectly quiet. This one also looks cool, which is a bonus. Best ssd for the price in my opinion!


Fast for an hdd, and the only sound it makes is when it spins up for the first time after boot. Good reliable storage, solid construction.

Video Card

Amazing. Haven't overclocked because there's no need. Got it refurbished from EVGA b-stock and there was nothing wrong with it. Never seen it go over 41C even on Heaven maxed out. Runs every game I own including GTA V at max settings on 1920x1080. Whisper quiet. Also there's just something about having a water cooled graphics card that adds a bit of uniqueness to your pc.


Sleek, sturdy, everything I need. Lots of cable tie mounts and just enough holes for all your cable management needs. The only problem is that there isn't a hole lot of room behind the case, so getting the back panel back on was a pain. Also the power led flashes when in sleep mode so you have to shut it down or cover up the led if you have your pc in your room and you're trying to sleep! Other than that, a great case that looks awesome but not flashy.

Power Supply

What more could you want in a psu? 750w, comes with the 24-pin cable pre attached and comes with nice, plain black cables, and lots of them at that. There's virtually no point in going for modular since you're going to have to plug in the 24 pin cable anyways.

Operating System

Almost as good as Windows XP!


Vibrant colors and a beautiful frame. Not vesa but I don't need vesa anyways. The perfect size for the resolution. IPS makes this monitor the clear victor for it's price at the time of buying ($90-120). Also, almost takes longer to turn on than my pc :P (roughly 5 seconds)


Once you go clack, you never go back! Also, once 18 custom macros for all your lenny needs. 4 levels of backlighting and you can choose to have wasd and the arrow keys lit separately! The volume wheel is a nice bonus, I love not having to go to settings to change the volume of a game!


It feels really nice for someone who prefers a palm grip and has small hands like me. I live the unlock scroll wheel option, useful for long walls of text and lengthy webpages. Not ideal for gaming because due to the low dpi I can't do 360 no scopes but I feel that wasn't enough of a reason to deduct a star :)


Amazing sound, I've had them for over a year and they show no signs of wear whatsoever. I can wear them al day and they are still super comfortable. A VERY nice soundstage for the person who doesn't want to feel like they're in the middle of an earthquake. Even with integrated sound without a dac/amp they are still awesome!

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imagibot 2 points 29 months ago

Would you recommend that motherboard to a first time builder?

ninjustice submitter 1 Build 2 points 29 months ago

Yes, great bios, very easy to use, and has all the ports you need!

chrles12 1 point 29 months ago

Thank you for the info. That mobo is 35 dollars right now so I'm almost certainly going to purchase it based on your review. I actually am looking to buy an extremely similar build to yours (it'll be my first build also), but the screen tearing has me worried. Would you mind going into a slight bit more detail about that? How much better of a monitor do you think you'd need to fix it? Thank you for your time. Sorry for the wall of text, I'm just a bit nervous about all this.

ninjustice submitter 1 Build 1 point 28 months ago

Sorry haven't been on this site for a month, if you're still worried, screen tearing happens on every monitor unless it has freesync or gsync, which add additional cost. Freesync is for amd cards and gsync for nvidia, but it gets rid of screen tearing and stuttering.

Duncan034 5 Builds 1 point 29 months ago

Nice Build! lol@ the XP comment

Mburk 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

$180 for a 970? Very nice. Solid build fam.

dragonhearttheone 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

You can try turning Vsync on for no screen tearing.

ninjustice submitter 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

yeah but then i get terrible stuttering :(

Yahtadi 1 point 29 months ago

I about to go for this board so i just gotta ask why you couldnt get connect the front panel audio?

Jacen3616 1 point 29 months ago

Can this motherboard use higher speed ram or it has to be 2133?

NoSkillzJustGillz 3 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

that light flashing is ur hard drive or ssd activity im pretty sure ;)

ninjustice submitter 1 Build 1 point 28 months ago

No, it's on the motherboard itself; like a glowing orange light near the io.

Mining15 1 point 24 months ago

To fix the audio problem you need to change a setting iin the BIOS. I also have this motherboard and had the same problem.