Finally, after four years I've been waiting to build my own gaming PC. I've been gaming on laptops for a very long time. Since 2015 I was interested in getting computer parts and building it together which I finally did it this summer. This PC I built was all I wanted which is gaming in 1080p on high/ultra settings. It can run bf4, bf5, apex, GTA 5, Insurgency sandstorm, and many more games on 1080p. For my other monitor, I'm waiting for a cable that I bought since the gtx 1660 Ti doesn't have another HDMI port.

More info: After two weeks of using this PC the wraith prism cooler stop working and I found out the cooler wasn't cooling my CPU properly so I would recommend the cooler that comes with your ryzen 5 2600x. Edit(9/6/19)

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NIce one