Built for gaming.

Theme is Intel + AMD red and blue. Blue on the outside and all red on the inside. Usually have my keyboard to match that theme.

Really just wanting to review these parts since the RAM, Case and PSU have very few reviews I can confirm that they are all very nice.

Very pleased with this build! Will be getting a 144hz monitor one of these days.

Some parts were bought used some were bought new I will label them below

Used - Intel Core i5 6500 - Purchased June 2017 - 125$ - RX 580 - Purchased - October 2017 - 240$ - WD HDD- Purchased - July 2017 - 27$

Everything else was purchased brand new I got the ram on a really nice sale a few months ago on Newegg now that is the price of current 2x4GB of ram so I'm glad I pounded on it when I did!

Here is the 3DMark Skydiver Results for this build while using beta drivers -

Part Reviews


Kinda underwhelming in my honest opinion should have went with an I7 but, I got this used so can't complain too much just its a quad core nothing special. It works

CPU Cooler

Great cooler and easy to install the people who say it's difficult must have never put on a CPU cooler in their life and that's fine but, saying false things isn't right because of it <.< Much better than the stock cooler and looks much better as well


Was cheap, had RED LEDS, fit the theme I was going for no problems out of this mobo wish it would take higher ram speeds but, ah well.


It's ram and it was on a really nice sale at the time. Fits my build theme as well.


Used for 27$ usually im a Seagate fan but, didn't pass that up for sure!

Video Card

Beautiful card and amazing performance. Got mine to 1400mhz stable easily with 0 tinkering just a great card originally I had a R9 380x and this just blows it away


Cheap, has a side window, needed a CD drive because i'm old school. There is a white version of this case that looks soooo much better in my opinion but for some reason is like 14$ more than the black version so I just stuck with this one. Cable management is pretty solid for a 38$ case but, it does have some competition at this price that is probably better the Corsair Spec series is near the same price and has far better reviews I have also built in a Corsair Spec 2 before and can say that it is better than this case but, not by too much so if you don't want to spend the extra 10$ or need a blue theme go for this you won't regret it!

Power Supply

For some reason says its incompatible with my RX 580 on PCpartpicker but, works absolutely fine. Cheap + quality feeling PSU was the cheapest 500w 80+ at the time of purchase just went with it. Not modular or semi modular so kind of a bummer since I could get a Rosewill glacier for just a few dollars more I have used those so many times though its getting old I wanted to use something different


Great monitor!! Has horrible ghosting but, can't complain much better than my old HDTV. Also has freesync from 48hz - 75hz so thats nice


Heard bad things about Razer products wanted to try one myself and I have absolutely 0 complaints. Love the look, love the click clacks, love the LEDS, Love the quality. Nothing bad to be said as for now.


Overpriced mouse but, is good for what it is


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An actually good deal on an 8gb 580 nice

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yeah and surprisingly no one was buying them the guy had a few 4gb models and this one 8gb model which he said was used as his gaming card while the 4gb ones were mined on. Got it from hardware swap!

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Wow that's an impressive partslist for the money you spent. Great work!

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I5 6500 and rx 580 and 16 gigs of ram for $900? Dang.

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