Its my work horse, plays games all at 144 fps+, and literally the be all media center. I also have an HTC Vive that i can also do VR but its super heavy, so i use my laptop with a Gtx 1060 to do all my VR needs. Really nit picky about cable management and hid as much cable as possible. The computer runs really good below 60c at all times and can handle pretty much anything I throw at it. A personal Workstation that you probably shouldn't replicate unless your willing to splurge.

The things not seen but later added: Razer BlackWidow V.2 Asus PCE-AC56 Edit Cable managed my room and added more photos to reflect the changes

Part Reviews


Very fast, responsive, and powerful.I did not expect for this thing's performance to be so great (this coming from a i5 6600) and all the tests I went through to stress this core out it came out on top form. I can easily push this to 5Ghz with my cooler with no problems at all and it manages to stay snappy at all times no matter the load.

CPU Cooler

Definitely a great CPU cooler. It keeps the temp pretty damn low and noise so quiet, my ceiling fan was literally the only thing I can hear. The only reason this does not get a 5 Star is because the customize-able elements of the fans are limited (even though its "RGB" ) and has no software to control it.


Durable, Fast, and Reliable. Nothing else needs to be said of Samsung quality on this particular SSD. Very happy with this thing's performance and benchmarks.


Very sleek looking, sturdy, and flashy with its tinted window. it likes to show off a lot of the hardware like your motherboard, GPU, water cooler, and your hard drives. In the back it has a bay for 2x 5.25" bays for either extra peripherals/CD drive, or even an extra hard drive if you get the bay converter and also a 4 SSD bay that can be attached anywhere to the back with ease. This case provides a lot of ventilation and promotes air flow (hence its name). Not really a gripe but for first time builders or first time cable managers, it is really tricky to get a good grasp on it because of its design so you have to really put a lot of thought into making it look as clean as possible.

Power Supply

I bought this retail price at $90 and for the price; 750 watts, Gold rated , and semi-modular design? Well worth the asking price of at a local retailer.


This has only of the most comfortable palm rests hands DOWN of ANY keyboard out there. The lights are at a very good moderate lighting and doesn't keep you up if you sleep near your computer station. Razer Synapse is really easy to work with and its really easy for you to program games or import profiles from other users. Typing feel and during games, it does nice and responsive.


Ergonomic and comfortable for those with palm grips. FPS gamers (such as I) will dig this mouse.


For competitive FPS gamers that want to know their surroundings and be able to clearly talk to teammates , have great audio quality, and stay comfortable. These Cloud 2's will do that job the best!

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