This is a replacement for my aging x58 Platform Work horse which was built waaay back in Feb. of 2011.

Anything on the part list that has the price zeroed out is either a future purchase not intended for this initial build or equipment I'm pulling/recycling from my x58 system.

I plan to add an additional 980ti hybrid to my existing one, until the 1080ti Hybrids are released (or whatever ends up being the successor to the 1080s).

I'm looking to have the fastest boot, and loading of whatever I put on the 950 pro.

↓↓==| What I will be doing with this System |==↓↓

  1. Be able to run triple monitors with ultra wide 1080p middle curved display on AAA games at max settings.

  2. This system will also be my daily driver for design, & video work. It will also serve as the work horse for feeding my media server with content on a constant (always on/ 24/7) basis, which includes , simultaneous running and downloads from sabnzbd, sick beard, couch potato, etc. I will max out at 2xsli but want the cpu to have at least 40 lanes hence the 6850k in lieu of the 6800k.

In addition to that I will be getting back into rendering and 3d animation on this beast as well. I'm also a web Developer & Web/Graphic Designer, so everything that entails from coding to running a server test environment is in the tasks list for this system.

Gaming is a big component but not the only one which I why I went with x99 in lieu of z170.

As it relates to gaming, I'd love to run 4K x 3 screens but I don't think anything in current graphics tech would run that smooth.

I am considering 5x 27" 1080p monitor's in portrait at some point once I feel technology could handle it.

↓↓==| CPU |==↓↓

Chose this for obvious reasons.

↓↓==| CPU COOLER |==↓↓

This added about 2 weeks to my part selection, I thought I had it figured out, until I asked for some advice from the forums, and vagabond139 suggested the EK Predator 360. The thought of expandability was very tempting, and it seems like a soild product, but in the end I decided, I'd just build an entire custom loop when I'm ready to take the plunge. Knowing myself, that probably won't be anytime soon. I considered it for so long because I thought it would be nice to include the graphics card in the loop and Ek has blocks for every card that i would be worth overclocking and keeping in a loop. But I'm waaay to lazy for that right now, and the blocks cost more than it would cost for me to get a hybrid version of the card like the 980ti Hybrid I have right now.. so.. yeah.. ain't no body got time for that. Ultimately I'm happy with my decision, my temps are awesome and switching the default Corsair h115i fans out for the Noctuas keeps my system damn near silent even at load, my media server is now louder than my main system! That alone is a win in my book!

↓↓==| RAM |==↓↓

Pick these kits because they are quick, plus if you can tell from the pics, I love LEDs, and these look awesome, and have great performance. Plus with everything I'll be doing on this system the 64GB should provide ample strage for allocation of scratch discs and such.

↓↓==| STORAGE |==↓↓

Samsung 950 Pro 512 SSD: If you're on PCPP you know why I went with the 950 Pro

  • OS
  • Programs (ie, Adobe CC, M$ Office, Steam, Battlenet, etc)

Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm:

  • Recyled from x58 build serving as a backup for the OS on the 950 pro.
  • OS Backup

Crucial MX200 512 SS: Recycled (Old x58 OS Drive) which I'm using to render to from the 950, and then copy from that to either the storage 2tb, an external or my media server. This same drive is what all my games are on. I will probably get a 1-2TB for this at some point when prices fall a bit more, but for now reduce reuse recycle ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Games
  • Temp Render Files Storage
  • Working Client Files

Seagate 2TB 7200RPM Mechanical: The 2TB mechanical serves as my main storage area on this system. Mainly for Assets large files and archives. In the 3 weeks since building this system, I moved everything I had on the 7 drives from my x58 system to the 2tb of the old system, also did a lot of cleaning, and finally got around to migrating all of my music (about 90GB) to my media server.

↓↓==| PSU |==↓↓

Yea... so... great stability across rails, fully modular, plus a 10 year warranty, at the price I got this for was a no brainier. Plenty of room for expansion, and overclocking, super quiet too, I mean zero whine at all!


I really tried to keep the wiring as organized as possible, I wanted it to be as clean a build as possible. I thought about getting some sleeved power connectors, but really like the black as it looks right now. And the fact that the color scheme for this build is White black and red to match my office, the black lends itself to that.

Really looking forward to some feedback from the community on this, it was a quick build but I picked every component very carefully, and am very happy with it thus far.

I'll update with picks of the full system including the monitors and such when i get a bit more time to take some pics!


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why two 980ti`s if you only have 1?

  • 38 months ago
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The parts list is set as current and future purchases, anything zeroed out, is either recycled from my old system, or a future purchase. I will probably be getting that 2nd TI in the next few weeks. The prices are really awesome right now.

Plus now having the system set up I can see exactly where the 2nd hybrid's Rad & Fan will be mounted.

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build looks great i have the same motherboard . i have a question hows that case window? is it tinted and does that take away the look form the parts? i have a clear window and my leds looks perfect . i want to get a white case any help would be great

  • 38 months ago
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The Window is tinted, but it doesn't take away from the board LEDs at all IMHO, I think it helps to balance everything out.

It's tough to see in a picture, but I will take some of the build with the side panel off, and some with it covering half of the board so you can see the difference.

If there's anything that impacts the overall case color it's the LED strip I have running the perimiter of the side panel, if I have the blue Led color on, the red accents on the board actually look black.

I will try to get a video up on it too.

But thanks for the kind words! how do you like the board? Have you done any overclocking with it yet?

  • 38 months ago
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thank you id love to see a pic of it turned off in the day light so i can see if i can see the board colors with no case lights through the tint. yes i have overclocked it works really well .only thing i couldnt figure out was how to make the core voltage adaptive ,afer 2 weeks i got it going . if you need any help with the board let me know i got good at it now . i hvae my 5820k running at 4.3 super stable and so much faster then stock. only thing i noticed with the board is the led colors hang up some times if that happens boot in the bios and set it there and it will go to the color you want

  • 38 months ago
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click my name and check out my build the remake . my glass is clear i am wondering if it would look the same in your case only led i run is the motherboard. and outside fans the board so bright i took out all my led fans

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Yo just seen this. Nice set up. I was really thinking of doing a whote build but it wouldn't match my office. Can't wait till you get that second graphics card in it. Sick!!!

  • 34 months ago
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Thanks Man! Sorry for the late reply.

SO I've had to change the Motherboard as it just kept giving me issues. I have the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon now and it's rock solid... I'm going to post a separate build with that motherboard since it's technically a new build.

Trying to wait on the 1080ti's but not sure if they will come out.. if they don't get announced I'll get the other 980TI and sli those bad boys.

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What kind of issues did the Gigabyte board give you? Did it manage to run all 8 sticks of RAM at 3400 MHz?

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Nice brother, mine build is still going strong. Thinking about going cutsom cooling.